9 Kate Spade Saturday Weekender

My new Kate Spade Saturday Weekender {in black white, and yellow} arrived yesterday...and I LOVE IT!!!  I mean, let's face it, this bag was made for me.  Thanks Kate!!


3 SFGirlByBay's Amazing Custom Shelves

Have you seen the custom shelving unit that Victoria of SFGirlByBay had made?  It is the handiwork of SF craftsman and woodworker, Michael Woo... and it is fantastic. See many more images of the shelving and the rest of Victoria's amazing little cottage at SFGirlByBay. 


2 The Design Files Open House

I get excited every time I come across an image of The Design Files Open House.  I'm not sure why I haven't dedicated a post to it yet.  Lucy is amazing and the house is completely inspirational. Basically Lucy and her team transformed a beautiful home in Windsor, Melbourne, to create a pop-up retail event. (Side note: why are pop-up shops so awesome?  Maybe the temporariness?). They carefully selected a group of awesome designers, artist and makers to fill this space.  The outcome was fantastic.

Please visit Lucy's Blog, The Design Files for many more images and source information for the furniture, art, and other great items. 

The Design Files Open House. Photography by Brooke Holm


1 My Favorite Christmas Gift {Black White Yellow Snood}

I can't believe I haven't shared this with you yet....Santa brought me such an awesome gift this year, a black, white, and yellow chevron snood from Pom by Pomegranate.  I love it so much...obviously.


1 Black, White, and Yellow from Ferm Living

I'm a big fan of Ferm Living.  They have so many awesome things right now.  I need that apron, and blanket, and yellow platter, and...well, I'll take one of everything.


1 Black and White Bedroom

Four night stand options for Sylizimo's ridiculously fabulous bedroom.  All fantastic.  That Pia Wallen Cross Blanket has been on my wish list for a while...maybe next christmas!?

Images from Sylizimo.  Images from Nina Holst.


1 Tenka Gammelaard

Holy Crap.  I think I just found my inspiration motherload.

The studio and home of artist Tenka Gammelaard, who is clearly a very very awesome person.  Good grief.  I don't even know what to say.  So many more awesome images on her blog here.


0 Around Table

The Around Table, Designed by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto.  I like these simple but playful tables...we could use one in our living room.  


0 Bella Barcelona

Another home that I could move right into.  Perfect balance of clean simplicity with warm comfort.  I'd also like to live in a loft, well period.  But especially with high wooden beam ceilings and windows like those.


Found thanks to Trendland via SF Girl By Bay.


0 NW 13th Avenue Loft

NW 13th Avenue Loft from Jessica Helgerson Interior Design ....So many good things here. The living room and bathroom are absolute perfection, in my opinion.  The kitchen is great with the big wood table and oversized pendant light.  The graphic tapestry heaboard is well done, especially with the monochromativ bathroom.  I'd like to move in now.


Found thanks to Cush and Nooks via Emma Stefan's Pinterest. 


1 Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux by Label Architecture. Black, white, squares, yes.

Found thanks to Dezeen


3 Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

As someone who likes a change of location, but hates leaving a home I've worked so hard on... I really love this concept:

An open international masterplan competition for the city of Ã…ndalsnes. The competition entry proposes to use the old industry train tracks for a new kind of infrastructure carrying mobile buildings that can be rolled back and forth depending on seasons and situations. 


1 Hotel Aire de Bardenas

I love the cube shaped rooms, the deep windows, and the tranquility. This looks like a great place for a relaxing vacation.

Found thanks to Emma's Design Blogg + Bodie and Frou


0 Black {Triangle} Lodge

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

I'm really enthralled with the idea of camping right now. So camping in a triangle shaped cabin, on a beach, with a fireplace... sounds just about perfect.  

Found thanks to Dezeen. 



0 New Year's Decor: Prisms Calendar

2013 Prisms Calendar from Julia Kostreva 

I mean you need a new calendar anyway, why not one that will not only fit in with your New Year's decor and look great the rest of the year?  

Found thanks to SF Girl By Bay. 


1 New Year's Decor: Confetti Glitter Eggs

So, these glitter confetti filled eggs might be intended for Easter, but I think they could be a hit for New Year's too!  

Find this great tutorial at Oh Happy Day. Photos by Robyn Kessler.  


0 New Year's Decor: Gold Fringe Backdrop

I am going to attempt my own version of this great gold fringe backdrop from Confetti Systems (of course, they are so awesome).  The texture of this is completely fantastic. 


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