1 Austin Modern

I'm liking Marsha Fatino's and Alison Thorn's house in Austin, Texas designed and built by Burton Baldridge from the NY Times...

3 Press Release Goodness:

So, when you have been blogging for a little while you get a lot of press releases.  A lot of them.  And for some irrational reason, for the most part they piss me off.  I can't explain why exactly, but they do.  Except when they are good, like this one:

Now, I know what you are thinking, oh awesome Jess, another great black, white, and yellow alphabet print or vintage letter stencil.

No.  These are freaking alphabet bookshelves. How awesome is that?!

Find out more here.


0 Wellies Prints

Wellies Prints from Sloe Gin Fizz...so adorable.

Found thanks to Kelli.

2 LA Partie Events House Tour

So, I discovered LA Partie Events purely by accident through a craigslist listing for a vase clearance sale at their shop.  After playing on their site a bit, I realized that they are involved with a number of great weddings and events that I have blogged about and love, including that great black and white striped wedding.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Design*Sponge does a great house tour of Megan's house in Santa Monica...completely fantastic, don't you think?

I will definitely be adding the LA Partie Blog to my watch list.


1 H.D. Buttercup

So, there are some things about living in Los Angeles that I hadn't really let myself fully think about before I moved here.  Like, I can go to HD Buttercup whenever I want.  That place makes me so happy, I can't even tell you.  So, these are some of my favorite things that I saw on my trip a few weeks ago...

I apologize I was in too much of a furniture induced ecstatic haze to get credits...


1 Heath Vases

The vase collection from Heath Ceramics are probably some of my favorite things.  They look beautiful alone, or in a grouping.  So simple and lovely....

0 Heath Ceramics Tiles & More Bathroom Inspiration

More great inspiration for our bathroom project.  Tile projects from Heath Ceramics...I'm officially obsessed with all things made by Heath Ceramics these days {see this morning's post}. These tiles are no exception. That first image is essentially exactly what we are going for.  I wish these tiles weren't out of our budget, because they are perfect.

0 Ode to Heath Ceramics Day...

I'm going to call today Ode to Heath Ceramics Day on {Black.White.Yellow.}....I love everything about Heath Ceramics.  Everything. I could stare at this wall with its bright little ceramic shapes all day... {Have I blogged this before?  I thought so, but I can't find it.  Anyway, it's so good it's worth posting twice.}


2 Weekly Flowers and the Farmer's Market...

I am so happy to report that I have found a new flower man at the Culver City Farmer's Market.  Although no one will ever replace my beloved flower lady from New Orleans, my new man is sweet and has lovely flowers {cheap too!} I just love the way the zinnias look in my Beak Vessel from Perch! ...


1 Bella Lulu Vintage...

These are some of my favorite things from Bella Lulu's Vintage Etsy Shop...how awesome is that metal dress form??

1 Orange Kitchen

This morning I'm loving this crisp kitchen with orange accents from Vogue Living Australia...I feel like I might move a little faster in the mornings if I started my day in such a happy space.


1 Relaxing House in Greece

Did you see this post from The Style Files on this lovely house in Greece?  How relaxing does that look?  Click through to see more images...


1 Bathroom Inspiration...

This morning I've been looking for inspiration for our bathroom project...

Speaking of, if anyone in LA has recommendations for good places to get tile and/or glass shower doors I would love to hear them! Thanks!

Found thanks to The Style Files via Thersic  and Living Etc.

1 Bon Voyage Notebook...

I agree with Kenziepoo, this is one fantastic notebook.  Hair drawn all stylized like that, especially combined with stripes gets me every time.


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