2 Apartment Therapy Cure Week 3 Accomplishments

Week 3 Accomplishments

Landing Strip:

Part 1 Before on the left, After on the right (top row)
-Cleaned tray that holds watches, laundry quarters, gum and lipgloss
-Created and framed new art
-Switched out vases
-Added clips to existing hooks for outgoing mail, lists, and notes
-Added a second row of hooks so I now have room for my reusable shopping bags in addition to my purse

Part 2 (left pic second row)
-Purged catalogs and magazines
This area didn't really change, I just wanted to show my whole landing strip, since it is in two parts. Catalogs go in the file on the left, magazines on the right. The mini files below hold coupons and receipts in the top drawer, bills and letters in the middle, and pages torn from the magazines in the bottom (later I trim them and put them into plastic sleeves that go into the inspiration binders).

-Cleaned adjacent front door inside and out
-New rug for inside front door (old rug moved to kitchen sink area)

-Found fantastic duvet cover (that will become curtains) and pillowcases (it was fate... see post below)

-Cleaned the walls and decided against painting
-Cleaned the floors and decided against changing them
-New switchplate covered with graphic paper

-New flowers
-Purged jewelery box
-Purged perfume collection
-Purged lipgloss collection (yes, there were enough to be purged...please don't ask as this activity actually made me cry...)
-New dish soap dispenser at part of AT Kitchen Bottle Ban
-Lots of laundry and dishes and trash taken care of as usual...


4 Area Bedding

I did it, I did it...I bought sheets today!! Area's Four pattern Duvet with the Burst pillowcases in Pool...on clearance 50% off at BellaNoche this morning...it was fate, I happen to accidentally end up in front of the store, that I had never been in before, and voila! sidewalk sale!...just wanted I needed when I was feeling down about the Cure today...


6 NOLA Vignette

NOLA Vignette....Images by me...

2 Perch on Magazine Street

Last weekend I was finally persuaded by Perch's inviting pale blue and white exterior to venture inside. Perch opened on Magazine Street in May had has an amazing collection of contemporary, vintage, and antique items presented in a beautiful cohesive manner. The owner was very pleasant and a fun little fluffy dog ran around kissing my feet as I browsed. I picked up some beautiful new Thomas Paul stationary and desk accessories, but I hope to return for some more substantial items soon..

3 Apartment Therapy Cure

LOOK!! my living room is on Apartment Therapy!!!!

Update...the landing strip made it too...very motivating...

Update 2...the bedroom too...I'm so honored...
Update 3...and the hook project too...thanks AT...


0 Fun Finds

I'm not even going to tell you how many of these notebooks I purchased...Orla Kiely-esq blank journals and fun fabric covered journals ($1 each) and a vintage lamp photo album...


8 Apartment Therapy Cure Week 2 Accomplishments

Week 2 Accomplishements:

-Spent hours looking online and in every store in NOLA for curtains/sheets to make curtains to no avail...little frustrated with this...

-Scrubbed from top to bottom, on my hands and knees even behind the toilet my bathroom and vanity and the bf's vanity
-Installed new shelves in my vanity area
-Purchased awesome vintage trays (see post below) for top shelf
-Purchased new classic stripe bathmat from Pottery Barn
-Decided to scrap the idea of putting cork on the floor...possibly paint the peal and stick tiles instead? Is this possible? Will it look good?

-Hemmed and ironed living room curtains....yay!! this was leftover from the spring cure...and in the process realized how much impact curtains have on the room...hmm thanks maxwell...
-Cleaned kitchen counters

I'm getting there...this week was a little trying on a personal level, so not so much progress but I'll press on...

3 New Trays

I've mentioned before that I am a bit obsessed with serving trays...the collection has grown the last couple of weeks. All great ebay finds...2 small vintage trays with handpainted daisies that will be used for jewelry...orange Jonathan Adler tray with geometric pattern...West Elm green laqured tray...and a Thomas Paul tray that completes my gothic collection...

3 AT Cure Flowers

The one part of the Cure process that I have been very good about is the fresh flowers. I usually buy new flowers once a week. It really does add life to the apartment...btw I've decided I really like spider mums, in yellow or white, I love their graphic nature...


2 Graph Paper Generator

I decided I wanted to be an architect in sixth grade. From that point, I immediately decided that A. I would only write (and usually type) in capital letters and B. I would always use graph paper...(side note, in third grade, for several months, to the angst of my teacher, I would only use purple dinosaur shaped paper)

Last night I accidently came across this amazing tool...a graph paper generator. This tool lets you create a wide variety of graph paper including circles, dots, hexagon, octagons, triangles, and cubes in pdf form to print to any size paper. You can even control the color and thickness of the lines and the size of the shapes...perfect for projects...


1 Flickr Fun

B L A C K full stop
W H i for information T Big sidewalk e. Period
Boggle Letter Y E L L O W

I'm completely obsessed with this tool...try here


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