0 Faceted Gold Box

These faceted boxes from Andrea Walsh are kind of really fantastic. All geometric and shiny.  You know I love geometric and shiny.

Available at Wolf and Badger. 

0 In God We Trust Jewelry

These would like to come live with me.  Actually I'm pretty obsessed with In God We Trust in general.


1 Mini Vertical Terrarium

This is a completely fantastic idea.  My office could use a few of these.

From Ruffled.  Found thanks to Terri Planty. 


0 Black, White, Wood

Such a good combination...

{1} A row of graduating cacti with a black and white striped background...perfection! Sadly from a Tumblr Site (the bane of my proper crediting existence), but too good not to share.  Found thanks to Laure Joliet Pinterest. 
{2} River Bank House by Balance Associates Architects. Found thanks to the Contemporist via  The Design Files Pinterest.
{3} Cadaquès Apartment by Francesc Rifé. photography by Eugeni PonsFound thanks to Desire to Inspire
{4} Vola HV1 Faucets by Arne Jacobsen.  Found thanks to Jonathan Lo Pinterest. 
{5} Two Drawer Widdicomb Box. By Widdicomb for The Planner Group.Found thanks to  Volatile Vintage via Bonnie Tsang Pinterest.
{6} From Etsy (sadly shop no longer exists).  Found thanks to The Brick House Pinterest. 


0 My Week in Photos

Almost caught up...Last weekend we visited Abbot Kinney in Venice.  We had lunch at Lemonade, which was really good, and did a little shopping at Urbanic Paper and Firefly.  I'm completely obsessed with succulents and cacti (even more so than lately) so I did some appropriate documenting. Another theme for the week: wood slats, preferably on the diagonal.  I also did a little exercise in finding happiness in the little things around me (work was stressful, I needed a coping mechanism, but it's a good exercise to do all the time). Speaking of happy, I finally hung the banner Brit made me for my birthday in my room.

0 My Week in Photos...

Actually, I need to catch up...these photos are from two weeks ago.  Brit and I went hiking, with our new Herschel Supply Little America backpacks (yay!)...we saw a rattlesnake (yikes!). It was nice otherwise. Next we went to Zuma Beach in Malibu. It was a little too cold but the drive was nice.  It was also mother's day so we cooked breakfast for my mom, then we did some plant shopping and landscaping at my parent's house.  I liked my outfits for the week, my big shopping trip the weekend before made a big difference in my wardrobe.


0 Things That Make Me Happy...

{1} Triangles are for Nerds.  This makes me very happy. 
{2} Yellow and white top from Suzabelle Velos. I need this.
{3} These glitter and yellow shoes from Emma Go just kill me.  I love them so much
{4} Small Triangle Tattoos...I have been considering a very similar concept. We'll see if I ever go through with it...I think I will.


4 The Home of Emily Norris from House and Home Magazine...and a blog Mention!

I am completely honored to be mentioned as a source of inspiration for realtor Emily Norris and her beautiful home in the June issue of House and Home Magazine.  

And I have to give a big shout out to Sharalee from Escapade for letting me know...thanks!!


2 More Poolside Inspiration

Um, I love pretty much everything about these images.

{1} The home of Matt Jacobson from Dwell Magazine. Photography by Dave Lauridsen.
{2} Unknown...unfortunately.  Found thanks to Jamie Derringer.


2 Lounge Chair Options

We've narrowed the options for lounge chairs to these two: Barrow Lounger from West Elm + Bask White Sun Lounger from CB2.  I am kind of leaning towards the Borrow Lounger because I like the wheels, but I'm not sure if white is a good choice...especially with the LA grey dirt.  So, maybe the Bask Loungers will win out.  I think a little yellow drink table would be appropriate too...

Update! We went with the Bask White Sun Loungers from CB2.  I think they are going to be awesome.  They don't have the yellow table any more though so side table hunting will be in order for next weekend.


0 Backyard Zones from Sunset Magazine

The feel of this backyard isn't exactly what we are going for at my parent's house (think more Palm Springs mid Century modern), but there are elements that are fantastic.  We do plan on doing zones for different activities: dining, shade lounging, sun bathing, and a fire pit area. I love the pavers with the small stones in between.  Eventually we are going to break up the existing concrete deck and start over. I think this might be a good direction.  (I will have to take some existing photos this weekend). 

From the article How to Create Four Outdoor Rooms in a Small Backyard from Sunset Magazine. Design by Huettl Landscape Architecture.


0 Style Illuminated Interview

2 Outdoor Inspiration: Cactus Love

This week I need a bit of outdoor space inspiration.  I think I've mentioned that my parents bought a mid century modern house in Los Angeles.  It's time to get the pool and area and landscaping ready for the summer.  We started today with the first round of succulents (of course), but we will need many more as well as some furniture and accessories...first for some inspiration. 

I still love these cacti from a Melbourne Nursery (photographed by Elly Yap) as much as the first time I saw them (and posted about here). We did manage to find some white cacti today, that we are very excited about...


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