9 Apartment Updates...

We did some major cleaning and organizing at the apartment this weekend.  Doesn't it feel so good to have a clean home?  I also made a few changes and hung some new art...I still need to find a few more great pieces.  Next week...chalkboard painting the dining room table!


1 Mardi Gras!

We had a completely fantastic trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  It really was such a soul refreshing trip.  I so enjoyed our time with our great friends in a city that I love so much.  We had a blast, especially walking in the Societe of St. Anne (we were the real housewives of mumbai!).  It's was hard to choose my  favorite images, be sure to check out my instagram to see more...


3 Hidden Wooden Desk


Table, desk, former door from Manoteca.  Found thanks to Moto-Mucci. 



2 Caitlin Wilson Textiles

If I were allowed to buy pillows right now, I would buy a few from Caitlin Wilson.  Love the crisp graphic designs.

Found thanks to Decor8.


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