1 Shrinky Dinks!!!

I love Making It Lovely's Shrinky Dink Keychain Project. {She was even kind enough to include a template.} My friends and I have been looking for fun craft projects to do as a group...this just moved to the top of the list.


3 Apartment Therapy Cure {Rug Search}

Ok, here are some candidates for the living room rug...I've tried to stick to options that I can actually afford, although I've snuck a couple of expensive ones in too. I'm thinking the Ikea Stockholm is the winner...

1 FLOW Market

While looking for Carpe + Item's Lampshade Project, I came across these intriguing images with fantastic black and white pill bottles:

These great items are apparently from the FLOW Market, which is essentially a provocative
collection of well designed empty containers with issue messages. Each of the empty containers can be purchased {I can think of lots of great things to fill them with...} Here is a selection of the containers:


0 Random Got Beautiful {Black, White, & Yellow}

Random Got Beautiful is an online collage of random photographs taken by different people, open for anyone to participate. The images are catalogued by color, which makes for some great vignettes...


0 Old Stendig Calendar + Lampshade = Fabulous Recycle Project

Carpe + Item's Lampshade covered with a Stendig Calendar Sheet...Fantastic!

I also love the idea of using the sheets as wrapping paper...

Via: Bloesem

0 Heather Amuny-Dey Prints

These prints from Heather Amuny-Dey {available at Velocity} are simply fantastic. Can you guess which is my favorite?


0 Ready Made Projects

The Feb/March issue of Ready Made Magazine featured two fabulous projects...
The first is a magazine file holder made from readilly available products. The second is an awesome cabinet custom made to accomodate collected doors. {I am obsessed with the fire extinguisher cabinet door.}


0 Destination Las Vegas {Part 2}

We had a blast in Las Vegas...here is a selection of my pics I took on the trip...

The Bellagio...where we saw O...it was completely amazing, the best Cirque show I've seen. The indoor garden was fantastic. I also fell in love with the parasols and the Chihuly ceiling...{note all the flower inspiration}

Moe flower inspiration from Treasure Island...

LOVE @ The Mirage...which had some really cool effects {and great music obviously}...

Details of the Red Rock Resort {where we stayed} I've stayed in some really nice hotels before, but this one topped them all...I really wanted to just move in forever... The bed was the most comfortable bed ever and the views of the canyon were stunning.

Downtown, old school Vegas {it was fun...but also dirty} and the Gambler's General Store that sells every gambling supply you can think of {I bought more dice than I know what to do with...}


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