1 Topography Cards by Crafterall

These Topography Cards by Crafterall remind me of architecture school...and that makes me happy...


6 I won! I won!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be one of the winners in Decor8's Inspire Me Giveaway! I wanted to thank Holly for putting this together and to everyone who made donations. I can't wait to receive my box...this is better than Christmas!

0 Etsy Find {Dayna Gedney}

Awesome prints by Dayna Gedney...

1 Lu Prints

Lu Prints makes really fun printed textiles. The Tote & Clutch bag would make a perfect, throw in your purse shopping bag...Also check out the great t-shirts.

Via: Bloesem


1 See Jess Dress {An Ode to Cardigans}

Since I'm wearing dresses exclusively due to the heat, I am also wearing cardigans daily to combat the freezer we like to call the office. All these lovely cardigans have found a home in my closet this summer. That black and white striped one is my current obsession...
Cardigans from: J Crew, Tulle LA, + American Apparel

0 Etsy Find {City Bird}

I have a new found interest in vintage maps, so I was excited to find City Bird. Emily + Andy make fun things from vintage Detroit maps...check them out...

0 Bi-Wing Table @ Feel More Human

The Bi-Wing Table from Feel More Human was featured on AT last week...I think the design is really unique. It is made from a single sheet of aluminum and without any hardware or adhesives. It can be used indoors or outside and is 100% recyclable. I really like the clean lines and two shelves. As with all well designed coffee tables, it is quite expensive...but also really well designed.


1 I Drew...

There is something so liberating about not striving for perfection...

1 Blue Art Studios

I have been eyeing a couple of the Blue Art Studio prints for a while. My favorite is Palm Springs Diamond, but I noticed that Sally from AT SF had a print I had never seen before: The Chair Exam. I love the play on the eye exam chart...which I have always thought were interesting. See all the prints here!

1 Project Runway [Season 5] {Week 2}

This week's Project Runway challenge was The Grass Is Always Greener. Designer's were asked to use green fabrics to create a cocktail dress. Natalie Portman, whom I love, was the guest judge. The catch: the models went shopping for the fabric, resulting in many of the designers having the same poo brown fabric as Auf'd designer Wesley {gossip: Wesley revealed in the online after show, that you can only access if you are a American Express card member, that he and Daniel are in a relationship- a Project Runway first I think} or not enough fabric to make a dress of decent length. Suede, who speaks of himself in the third person and has a gross blue mo-hawk, won the challenge with the ballerina-esq. dress, that I wasn't crazy about.

My favorites were designed by Kenley {who I think may be my favorite designer}, Terri, and Korto. I took the liberty of photoshoping Korto's design to eliminate the butt fins, but otherwise I loved the idea of the inside-out look. Who were your favorites?



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