4 I'm Off! Happy Holidays!

I'm off to Los Angeles to spend the holidays with my family...Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Photos from here and here.


3 Lovely Displays {Inspiration}

Display Inspiration
Once again I don't remember where I saved these from...feel free to chime in. Nina, I think the third image is from your blog, right? BTW, this image REALLY wants to make me paint a black stripe {preferably chalk board paint} across the back wall of our living room. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I hope the landlord isn't reading this...

2 Museum of Useful Things

A fairly recent AT email reminded me about the Museum of Useful Things, the online store of Black Ink {quite possibly my favorite place I went in Boston}. They really do have all kinds of useful {and not so useful but very fun} things!
PS. If you are looking for a gift for an Architect or Architect in Training, I highly recommend 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School...it is fantastic.


0 Uniform Studio Sketch Book

Lovely inspiration from Uniform Studio...I love peeking into people's sketch books, especially those who so seamlessly connect different forms of design.

1 Black, White, and Yellow Volksfaden Fabrics

I love these fabrics from Volksfaden Fabrics. There were some samples from them in the fabulous giveaway I won from Decor8. I promptly put them to good use by making some fantastic hair ties, but I can't wait to order more!


1 Thom Yorke The Eraser

Ok, this is one of those post that I started almost a year ago, but never posted. I really like Thom Yorke and his album The Eraser. But I LOVE the cover artwork by Stanley Donwood entitled Fleet Street Apocalypse.

4 More Unique Christmas Decorations {Pom-pom Edition}

I love these ideas featured at Black*Eiffel so much that I went out and got lots of yarn {want to guess what colors?} and pom-pom makers yesterday. Last night I wound yarn until my fingers almost fell off. I hope to have something to show you before I leave for LA...

{Side Note} When I was very little I spent a lot of time at my great-grandmother's house. Making pom-poms is one of the memories I have. {along with picking up pecans from her yard, making secret potions from the plants, playing in the sprinklers with my cousins, riding my bike for hours up and down her driveway, shelling peas, eating ice cream and watermelon, watching and dancing to the theme song for Reading Rainbow, picking berries and getting stung by tons of ants, the smell of her face cream, watching her sew, and always telling her not to sleep to which she would reply "I am not sleeping, I'm just resting my eyes.}


2 Modern Graphic Geometric Puzzles

These puzzles from KID O would make great gifts for kids....and they would look so beautiful as display...

1 Unique Christmas Tree


1 Silhouette Pendants {Lucky Me Beads}

How lovely are these silhouette pendants? And the photographs and displays make them even better.
Silhouettes just get me every time...


6 Holiday Decorating {Black, White, and Yellow Style}

I did some decorating last night...what do you think? I'm spending Christmas in Los Angeles so we didn't get a tree this year, but I wanted to display my favorite ornaments. So I hung them up! My favorites are the white ones with black chandeliers and my vintage yellow one. {The ONLY yellow ornament I can find...}

I do have a tiny Christmas tree that I will share later!


2 Target Red Hot Shop

Have you seen Target's Red Hot Shop? I accidentally clicked on an ad for it...and I was super impressed. It is filled with all kinds of great not-usually-available-at-Target stuff. They only bad part is a lot of the good stuff is sold out...

0 NotNeutral Black and White China

These collections from NotNeutral are fantastic...
Someone once emailed me about finding Black, White, and Yellow China. To be honest, I have never seen any. I use black and white plates with yellow serving pieces and/or a yellow table runner to put together a black, white, yellow table. Has anyone ever seen any black,white, and yellow china??


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