0 Buisjes En Beugels

Now I don't have children, nor do I plan to anytime soon. But these clothes from Dutch designer Kellie Smits of Buisjes En Beugels kinda make me want one {if you could guarantee my child would be as cute and angelic as the little blonde headed boy model, sign me up}. Or at least make me want the clothes in my size.

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0 X-mas Trees

I have been a long time fan of alternate X-mas Trees. It has been years since we've had a real tree at my house, instead my mom purchased a very unique metal tree {not the vintage kind similar to mine below, this tree is one of a kind}. Other family members made fun of her tree, but I always loved it.

This might be the alternate X-mas tree that I must have. Buro North designed the environmentally friendly flat-pack tree. It reminds me of a studio project from architecture school. I love it...


4 The Cure Continues...

Here are the latest Cure results...The bar finally got papered with my favorite Snow and Graham Wallpaper. Now the bookcase and bar look more cohesive. The bookcase arrangement also got a bit of a revamp. And the new TV found a home on a new parsons style entertainment center. We still need dvd display/storage {they are stacked three rows deep right now, plus some are still stacked on the side}. We are thinking maybe a wall hung shelf above the TV, as the wall looks quite empty now that the tall entertainment center is gone. The playroom is still not quite arranged since it gained the big entertainment center, but we'll get there eventually...


And I decorated for X-mas. Yes, our tree is 12" tall and black and white...

0 Robert Hanson Illustrations

Robert Hanson's Cityscape Illustrations are wonderful graphic illustrations...I am also in love with his work for Don't Panic Media {last image}...available at Analogue Shop and Tiny Showcase


2 Hable Construction

Hable Construction...wow...I think this is one of those times when the images speak for themselves...





2 Project Runway {Rami Kashou}

I think I've made it clear how much I love Rami, so I thought I'd do a little investigating of his design work outside the show. So, here is what I found via his website Rami Kashou.

So, besides being hot, this guy knows what he's doing...

0 Project Runway {4}

So this week's challenge was to modernize outdated styles {such as overalls, bell bottoms, shoulder pads, neon, cutouts, and poodle skirts}. They worked in teams to create mini collections {read: slight drama ensued}. Some designers, including my favorite Rami, were able to pull off some decent collections.

The winners were Rami, Jillian, and Kevin who updated overalls, poodle skirts, and 70's flare. The collection was cohesive and wearable. Let's compare to Victorya's color blocked harlequin inspired outfit only fit for a figure skater {She lost some credit in my book this week}

The second place group {Group Star} included Christian, Jack, and Kit who modernized pleather, zoot suit, and fringe. They also managed a cohesive collection, but their outdated trends were less obvious. Despite her teammate Chris getting the auf wiedersehen this week with his gross shoulder pad jacket, Sweet P created a much improved design this week: a fun camel sweater dress with a black turtle neck sheath.


1 Felt + Wool

Kbox Modular Boxes are aluminum modular container systems perfect for jewelry. They are nice, but the felt inserts are fantastic.

I'm also feeling these great felt bags designed Josh Jakus. The Um Tote has a unique shape, zips to store flat when not in use, and is made from factory excess felt so it is ecofriendly. The Tote and three other sizebags { Carry , Hold and Clutch} are available at Elsewheres and Branch.

This fabulous Wine Rack and great Eggflat are also made from felt and fold flat when not in use. Check out this post on making the wine rack DIY.

I have been a long time fan of the Grid Wall Pocket. I think it is quite expensive, but possibly could be a DIY.

and lastly, these Softbowls {Wobowl + Beehive} would make such fun storage solutions...

The Kbox is available from Rare Device. Everything else can be purchased at Elsewheres and Branch.

2 Billy Buttons

I have been wanting these flowers for a long time, but I never knew what they were called. Now I do...Billy Buttons...Thanks to Shim and Sons!


1 Talk Bubbles

After my post about this great calendar from Etsy Seller Magnolia Moonlight, I am realizing that talk bubbles are everywhere....

These cute cards are available at Poketo. Awesome magnetic stickers from twentytwentyone have a blackboard finish and come with a slate pencil...very cool

I love these talk bubble paperclips from Willow...too fun....
Seen any other talk bubbles lately??


Kelli found this awesome talk bubble wall paper from Rollout...they have some very unique wallpapers...

{Update 2}

I forgot about these fun Moleskin Talk Bubble Notebooks from Etsy seller clevergirl...

1 Project Runway {3}

After watching the third episode for the fourth time, I've decided I was a bit unfair with my earlier statements. It wasn't my favorite challenge, and there were many horrible boring designs. But there were a few that stood out...

I think Kit should have won with her fleece blazer. {with the collar up it looks like my beloved Bella Blazer} I thought the length of Christian's blazer was unique in a good way {although I hate the shirt and the way he talks} And as we are becoming accustom to Rami and Victorya has solid designs.


0 Project Runway {1+2}

Since many of my Apartment Therapy blogger friends are busy with the Wardrobe Therapy, I decided to touch upon fashion myself. I don't really watch a lot of television these days, mostly because nothing really holds my attention. That said, I have been obsessed with Project Runway since its first episode. So I've decided to do weekly PR post highlighting my favorite designs...I'll do the first three episodes here to catch up...well first two, the third episode was so boring, I don't even want to talk about it...

First let me say that I love, love, love Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. And I actually gasped when SJP came into the workroom as the guest judge on episode two. Way to go Bravo...

Rami (whom I think is very attractive) and Victorya seem to be the two top designers thus far. I'll be surprised if they aren't in the finals. These designs are the most wearable and still designery from the first two episodes.

I also loved Jack's dress from the first challenge, this is a dress I would totally wear. I can't quite decide if I like Sweet P or not, but I liked this cute dress with its red satin accents. She worked with crazy Elisa on this third outfit, and actually do like the cape- I'm very into grey this season in case you can't tell. (Side note: I think the funniest thing ever said on Project Runway was "It looks like her model is pooping fabric!" -Heidi Klum about Elisa's first design which was so bad) Anyway...lastly, although this outfit got Simone kicked off the show, I liked it. I agree it should have been sewn better and the top could have been more flattering, but I like the color combination. Ok, fine, I like it because it's yellow...

0 West Elm Boxes

These Lacquered Boxes from West Elm are a great affordable alternative to the beautiful Lille items that I posted about here.


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