0 New Year's Decor: Tissue Tassel Garlands

I thought it would be fun to feature some New Year's Decor this week...maybe a little reference guide for next year.  

These Tissue Tassel Garlands from Everly Land Design are so fun.  This one is called Gold Rush, but there are so many awesome options.

Also, you might try making your own using this great guide.


0 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends!

So... I didn't really intend to take such a long break from the blog.  Or even a break at all for that matter.  It just kind of happened.  I think I needed to just live in real life and kind of go with the flow for a while.  I hope this new year will bring a new balance to my life and allow me to getting back to doing the things that I love and have brought me pleasure over the years as well as finding new sources of inspiration and happiness. I hope the new year brings great things to your life too! 



0 Risom Desk

Risom Desk designed by Jens Risom.  Crafted of solid American walnut and black leather. So good. 

Risom Desk | Jens Risom | DWR

1 The Old Library

This is a great space. Defining the bar with that steel and glass structure was clever, and the bathroom...awesome. 

From the designer: 
Located in a seaside suburb of Sydney, the Old Library was originally a Methodist church build circa 1908, and went on to be the shire library in the 1970’s. The original building had great bones and an existing level of texture (exposed beams and timber lining). Working within the voluminous spaces we created a sense of intimacy and gathering through creating a series of rooms within rooms and spaces within spaces. Custom furniture pieces and a natural palette of oak, linen, white timber and blackened steel contribute to the relaxed and somewhat domestic space that is The Old Library. 
The Old Library | Hecker Guthrie | Sydney, Australia | Photography by Shannon McGrath


0 Surfhouse Hermosa Beach XTEN Architecture

Surfhouse designed by XTEN Architecture is not far from our house, down the street from our landlord's house.  We pass it each time we drop off our rent check, and every time we get excited.  It is quite visually stunning with its black geometric exterior.  I'd love to move in.

From the designer: 
The facade is made from rough sawn, black stained cedar planks with volumetric openings at primary program spaces and a system of identical vertical casement windows arrayed across the secondary elevations for specific views and ventilation. The interior is all light and air, with bamboo floors and walls of glass that slide away to bring the beachside environment inside.

Surfhouse | XTEN Architecture | Hermosa Beach, CA| Photographed by Art Gray 


2 Kaleido Trays

These trays are awesomely good...

Kaleido Trays designed by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay. 
Powder coated steel, geometric shapes, five sizes and ten colors.



0 Paulistano Armchair

Paulistano Armchair in Canvas designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha...adding this to my dream furniture list now. 


2 Mornings at the Beach House

Vignettes from a quiet sunday morning at our house...this is going to be a crazy week at work, I hope I can channel this peaceful calm.


2 Rose Bowl Flea Market

We went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend...it was hot and busy but there were lots of fun finds...and we came home with a few! The vintage science kit kind of blew my mind.  That awesome box is filled with vintage sciency-things...so you know I bought it.  Also got some great vintage black card catalogue drawers, which fit perfectly into an Expedit (photos to come). Brit got a great vintage Sunset magazine all about family camping, it has great diagrams and photos.  I really wanted that vintage black lamp to match my yellow one and that triangle cage thing...but I refrained.


1 Triangle Nails

How have I noted posted about these before?  They are bronze TRIANGLE nails!

Equilateral Nails from Winsome Brave


1 Pink and Yellow...

Inspiration for our living/dining room... pizzeria in perth by s&m mobilia

Found thanks to SFGirlByBay via Retail Design Blog.


0 Scarf Shop

These hand dyed scarves from Scarf Shop are so very lovely.  I'm thinking they would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe. 

Found thanks to SFGirlByBay.


0 Lovely and Lagniappe

It's been so very long since I've done a Lovely and Lagniappe post...

This time half black half white:  Office from Hala Catalogue.  Found thanks to here via Tiger de Wire Master-piece Half and Half Backpack 


5 More Living Room Inspiration

I seriously cannot stop thinking about that vintage stool....does anyone know anything about it?  I NEED it!

Also, we've been eyeing those shelves from Ikea that A Merry Mishap has in her living room.  I think we need them for our entry area.  

Found thanks to SFGirlByBay and A Merry Mishap.

Update 1: Thank you to the anonymous commenter!  The stool is Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen.

Update 2:  I got one!!!


1 Ikea Hack

This is a genius Ikea Expedit hack...I'm totally adding this to my to do list.


2 Inspiration: Black Walls

You know I'm a fan of black accent walls.  These two examples are crazy good.  Using black on the rear wall of a staircase makes the slope wall pop, adding dimension to the room. Painting a wall behind a workspace black especially when the rest of the room is light works so well.


3 We Moved!

We moved to our new beach house!!  I hate that things have been so slow around here, but the have been anything but in the real world.  We got all moved out of our old apartment, and are working on getting settled in our new one.  As you can see I've made some progress in my bedroom...We decided we couldn't live without our dark accent walls.  I honestly love the black wall(s) even better in this space, it made a huge difference in the way the room felt.  I also made one furniture purchase: an Alex from Ikea...which I have always wanted.

We are already enjoying our new neighborhoo, Redondo Beach (right near the Hermosa Beach line).  It kind of feels like Cali and NOLa had a baby. We can't wait to get out an explore some more.  While I work to get back to a routine, be sure to follow me on instagram to see what is going on... (My username is blackwhiteyello.)



0 Inspiration...

For our new apartment!!! 

We found out this weekend that we got the apartment we wanted in Redondo Beach.  Although there are things that we will miss about our current apartment, we are very excited about our new adventure.

1. Black and white living room. Found thanks to Design Shimmer. 
2. Bar cart and art wall
3. Jessica Sutton Graphic Design's office in Boston 
4. Rue Magazine (Anniversary Issue 2011). Design by Andi Potamkin. Photographed by Emily Anderson.
5. Outdoor space by Shareen Joel from Inside Out Magazine. 


3 This Sofa...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I NEED this sofa. Actually I will take this whole room.

Found thanks to and photo by Emmas Design Blog. From her visit to Annedal 2012.


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