0 Debbie Allen Summer Intensive

The Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive Show
was this weekend...can you tell which dancer is my favorite?...

I would also like to point out that the YELLOW jacket (one of
my most prized possessions) made its stage debut
(after being commandeered by my sister)...


0 LA Getty Villa

Yesterday we went to the Getty Villa in Malibu. I was most intrigued by the architectural detailing in the floors and ceilings...although I love art, antiquities bore me to tears...


0 Los Angeles

I'm in LA this weekend...

Last time I was here we ate at The Standard Downtown....
such a cool place (and yellow too)...more pics to come...


0 Yellow Pics

Pics I took recently...

French Quarter, NOLA and Downtown, Los Angeles


0 Play Room Craft Area

One of my favorite spaces in our apartment is my play room craft area. It was a result of my spring AT Cure, and I'm really happy with the way it is developing. The desk was a Craigslist

find and the Pagholz chairs were a bargain at Neophobia, a local mid-century vintage furniture store.

This is my favorite organizer. It is a metal dry erase board from the Target clearance bin, with magnetic canisters from World Market. They are the perfect size for ribbons, thread, pins, etc.

This is one of my favorite projects: fabric covered button pushpins. The idea came from Jessica at How About Orange. She has a great tutorial here. This a very relaxing and fun project, that has also indulged my love of fabrics... Right now I'm working on a batch to send to my Grams.


0 New Bike

So about a month ago I decided I absolutely must have a bike. I live in a neighborhood in New Orleans where many people ride bikes. I decided it would be really nice to be able to ride to pick up dinner half a mile away, rather than driving. I could also use the exercise.

The thing that has kept me from getting one thus far: I hadn't ridden a bike in about 13 years, I was a bit (okay a lot) afraid that A. I wouldn't remember how and B. this would certainly cause an immediate head injury. And C. the cost, because of course not just any old bike would do, it had to be a cool vintage one of appropriate color.

So this morning I ran (well...drove) to a garage sale near my house and voila...a bike that meets my standards. It is an older version of this Schwinn bike but without the fenders.

I nervously practiced in the parking garage below my building, and then took it out for a spin around the neighborhood. I am happy to report that A. I can still ride a bike and B. NO HEAD INJURIES...YAY!

Photo: www.schwinn.com

0 Yellow Finds

I love to shop...especially for bargains...these are some of my favorite new finds...

I got this awesome vintage lemon serving tray for $1 at a garage sale...
Serving trays make me very happy...more to come on that... and this YELLOW lamp was a Craigslist bargain!

0 Apartment Therapy

Since it is one of my favorite obsessions, I felt like my first post should be devoted to www.apartmenttherapy.com. The design based website, created after the book Apartment Therapy, the Eight-Step Home Cure created by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, is a constant source of inspiration. The cure is an amazingly theraputic way to keep your home happy. I recently completed the Spring Cure at AT so our house is much...well happier now. I visit the site daily...


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