1 New and Fabulous from Three Potato Four

New and Fabulous from Three Potato Four...

3 Four Poster Double Lounger

Four Poster Double Lounger from Habitat...I am dreaming of our summer beach trip. It would be great to have one of these to lounge by the ocean.

3 More Inspiration from Dwell

I love this house. Things to add to the must have list:
-A mid century modern house
-A mini cooper {have I told you I am seriously considering this as my next car option}
-A yellow front door
-Black and white graphic wallpaper


1 More Inspiration from Dwell

I love the simplicity and calmness of the neutrals and wood in this home. Plus, it has some seriously good storage elements...

2 Front Doors

Last weekend the weather was so nice, I just started walking and wondering up and down streets I had never walked before. It was lovely and peaceful. I found these two front doors that I particularly loved...Although I love the orange, I would paint the door yellow and then we would really be in business!
On this note, I am seriously considering painting the interior door frames and window sills in our house yellow...

3 New Pillows from Jonathan Adler

New Pillows from Jonathan Adler...nice bold graphics!


0 Etsy Adorableness

These make me want to have a baby. I'll abstain, but still...how freaking adorable.

2 Michelle Adams

Oh so lovely home of Michelle Adams of Rubie Green {which is also AMAZING}....

0 Flower Inspiration {Saipua}

These amazing flower arrangements are from Saipua...simply stunning.


3 Weekly Flowers

Weekly flowers...along with some new finds from this weekend's shopping trip!

1 House Inspiration from Dwell

This house from the latest issue of Dwell designed by Christine Ho Ping Kong and Peter Tan is just fantastic...I really love a good courtyard/roof top terrace.


0 The Figures

I am in love. That first piece entitled Liabilities is what the timeline in my head has always looked like and I have never been able to get on paper.
They also remind me of the diagrams that we did in architecture school. Diagrams were my favorite part of the curriculum, in fact.
The artists statement:
This series is about the topography of money in human consciousness, the constant parade of numbers in everyday life. The figures are at once imaginary and very real. I’m interested in the power numbers have in our lives, and how much they dictate, both psychologically and actually.
Via: Oh Joy!

3 Egg Cups from Skinnylaminx

I am loving these perfect for spring egg cups from Skinnylaminx...


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