1 Mid Century Alphabet Poster

This is fantastic and available at Blue Ant Studio {they are having a great holiday sale...check them out}

0 MASH Studios LAX Furniture

I realized that MASH Studios has created other fantastic furniture in the LAX line that coordinates with the coffee table that I blogged about last week. This Entertainment Shelf would be perfect for our new flat screen...and actually the Wall Mounted Shelf hung above the TV would solve some problems for us...the wall behind the TV looks so blank now that the tall entertainment center is gone. I also love the Wall Mounted Desk. The whole line is available at Design Public...hmm maybe when I get my bonus...

1 The Cure Continues...

I have been neglecting the blog due to a new purchase...this new shiny, huge TV. It is beautiful, but has caused a total renegotiation of furniture in the apartment...We're working on it, but I basically just took several steps backwards in terms of the Cure...more to come...


0 Cindy Jaswal

I fell in love with Cindy Jaswal's pen and ink drawings at Little Paper Planes. The botanical based drawings are really stunning. See more at her website Cedar Seven and Etsy Store.

3 New Year's Resolutions Part 2 {Going Vegetarian}

Resolution 2 {Going Vegetarian}
So this one focuses on me and the environment. I've decided to become a vegetarian. This won't be an extreme change for me, as I have been moving in this direction for a while. I have so many self imposed rules about the things I will eat for various reasons, that this won't be a surprise to those who know me (read: eat lunch with me everyday).
I want to do this for both health and environmental reasons. This is a great list of 21 Reasons to become a vegetarian that really sums things up. This ties back in with Resolution 1 {Going Green} on many levels. For one thing it addresses the issue of eating take-out all the time. I think these days are over, and they need to be. This is going to force me to cook, take control of exactly what goes into our bodies, and at the same to reduce the amount of waste we produce. I think this will be an overall positive change in the way I live.

4 New Year's Resolutions Part 1 {Going Green}

I realize that I'm a bit early, but I decided what my New Years Resolutions are going to be. I've decided I'm going to implement them now, rather than waiting until Jan. 1 08.

Resolution 1 {Going Green} Part 1
So, my first resolution focuses on the environment. Part one is to not use ANY plastic bags. I've been very good about using my two reusable Whole Foods bags over the last year, which is where about 90% of our groceries are purchased. I also have been sort of good about using my two reusable Target bags, which is the other main source of plastic bags in our home. However, after reading this article about the effect plastic bags are having on our ecosystem I have realized that I have to do better.

The Plan:

I find that Whole Foods is extremely welcoming and encouraging of the use of reusable bags of any kind. Every time I use my Target bags at Target I have to explain, but they oblige. I thought that a bag branded with the store's logo might make the checkers more accommodating, but I have found this to be only partially true. I have used my bags at a couple of other grocery stores and big box stores, but every time I say "I brought my own bags!" the employees look at me like I'm crazy, and often I end up sacking my own groceries, since the bags don't fit on the plastic bag merry-go-round (although I have tried, then they really look at me like I'm crazy). This is slightly discouraging, but I've decided that I don't care. If I have to bag my own groceries or explain 500 times, that's fine- it's worth it.

Another issue is clothing and home decor shopping, where I have honestly never before used a reusable bag (unless you count when I exchange something and make them put the new item in the old bag, which seems to somehow insult workers as well). I have decided that my Method reusable bag that I got for free by buying Method Cleaning products (thanks Stellarmom!) will be my new go to non-grocery shopping bag. And I WILL use it everywhere I go.

The last and most difficult part of this plan for me is the take-out food aspect. We get take-out a lot, which produces a lot of trash, often in the form of styrofoam boxes and plastic bags. But it is quite difficult/impossible to prevent this when ordering/picking up food from a restaurant...which is a good intro to New Years Resolutions 2...{to come}

Find out more about Plastic Bags here.

Resolution 1 {Going Green} Part 2

Part 2 is to recycle, despite the difficulty in doing so. New Orleans does not have a recycling program. However, there are locations where you can drop off certain recyclables once about every six weeks. I tried this before, but the recyclables took over our small kitchen, and I gave up. However, I am going to find away to make it work.

The Plan:

There is a man who picks up the aluminum cans we collect at work to recycle for a small profit. So, I can take th aluminum cans to work which will reduce the amount we need to store until recycle days. This just leaves our other main source of recyclables: our water bottles. Yes, I do realize that the really green thing to do would be to drink tap water instead, but the water in NOLA is gross, even filtered. It was not good before Katrina, and after the whole city sat in water, which eventually drained into our water source, I cannot believe that it is safe to drink. So, we will stick with bottled water, but I have switched us from Dasani to Ozarka. Ozarka has redesigned their packaging to use 30% less plastic. Next, I need to find a way to store these water bottles until the recycling days come around, and then I have to take them.

Locate Recycling Sources in NOLA here.

Want to join me? It seems to me, if we just change small things like this, we can slow the impact we have on our environment. I'm adding a counter in the sidebar to track my progress regarding the use of the plastic bags. I think this will be good motivation to use the reusable bags.


1 Etsy Pillows

Heather at AT posted about Green Groove Pillow at Absoluut's Etsy Shop {1st pic} earlier today. I went to check it out and low and behold there are many fantastic designs available that feature great vintage fabrics...Check them out...


1 Ork Neighborhood Posters

I love these Ork Neighboorhood Posters...Chicago and Brooklyn are available now, Manhattan, Boston, and San Francisco are comming Dec. 1...I wish they would do NEW ORLEANS!!!

Images: Ork Posters

2 The Great 2008 Calendar Search

I have started my search for the perfect 2008 wall calendar for my office...like everything, it has to be perfect: beautiful and functional...

These two classic designs have great graphic typography, and you know I love the black and white...but there is no room to write events...

This one features some of my favorite paper designs, but again has no room to write...

This one has lots of room for notes , which can even be color coded, and it has fun graphic bands at the top and bottom...very functional, but not as attractive...It reminds me of my 2007 calendar:

The Real Simple Calendar available at Mead which works and I really like...I just need something new to look at this year....

I think this might be the winner so far...fun and functionally...

Has anyone seen any other great calendars lately???

0 Sukie

Sukie , a husband and wife team out of the UK produce some amazing little notebook designs. Several versions are made from recycled paper and all contain great graphic covers. My favorites are the travel journals, which include lined, graph, and blank paper bound with envelopes and pockets for collecting. They also have great textiles: pillows, tea towels, and sketch book bags.

Images: Sukie


0 Perch! Design

After yesterdays post, I wanted to know more about the awesome Perch! designs available at Three Potato Four. I discovered via Perch! Design that they handmake multifunctional objects in Brooklyn using products that are environmentally friendly. My favorites are the bowls/baskets, vases, and pendants...And the color schemes and names are great too...

O Bowl and Basket Bowl

A Container for One Thing and Tiny Basket

Vessel: Ivy and Let me Look at You Vase

Zooey Mini Chandelier and Walker Pendant Light

Images: Perch!Design

3 Three Potato Four Love

As if I didn't already love Three Potato Four enough...

Tea Cups Tea Towel and Yellow Mason Jar by Perch! (more to come)

I would love, love, love to have a shop like theirs one day...

1 Furniture Dreams

We are in desperate need of a new coffee table...Ours is the perfect size and height, but wobbly and not terrible attractive...Every time Courtney's kids come over I cross my fingers that they will lean on it just right and it will crumble into the floor so I can justify a new one (This is one of th bf's items if you can't tell...)

Anyway, until now I haven't found a table that I really liked that meets our needs...we eat sitting on the floor, so it the table has to be an appropriate height in order to be conducive...moreover it needs to be simple and beautiful with clean modern lines...

Eh voila...the LAX Coffee Table from Mash Studios available through Design Public...I love it...it combines an organic element of the wood with the modern powder coated aluminum, has simple lines, and is a nice size...now if only it didn't have a $710 price tag..

But since I'm dreaming anyway...I'll also take one of these Colorful Cabinets by Finn Juhl...



5 Non-Wedding Registry

In honor of not getting married/being pregnant, I'm putting together a registry for myself...to buy myself...

Ribbon Collection available at notNeutral...
amount requested: I want them all...

City Plates available at notNeutral
amount requested: One of each, starting with New Orleans

Adam and Ribb Teacup Set from Just Scandinavia
amount requested: two each. one for me. one for you.

Kate Spade's Gwinnett Lane Creme and Gwinnett Lane Turquoise available at Macy's
amount requested: four place settings each color...

amount requested: enough to serve everyone at brunch...

Platinum Chandeliers and Party Raffle by Rosanna
amount requested: I don't mean to be greedy...(one of each)...

Snowden Flood's Urban Landscape Plates available at Three Potato Four
amount requested: you get the picture...


2 Blueprint Wrapping Paper

Have you downloaded these amazing {black and white} wrapping papers?...Thank you Martha...

0 Five and a Half

How awesome are these notebooks from Five and a Half? "75 pages of sugarcane fiber and postconsumer recycled paper, a pocket for looseleaf notes, a resilient spine that opens flat for writing, drawing and painting across pages, and because all good things come in great packages, a myriad of cover designs for you to choose from." They are a bit pricey...but could be a earth friendly DIY...
Images: Five and a Half


3 Ocean Springs / Apartment Therapy Cure Week 8

This weekend I visited Ocean Springs, Mississippi, hometown of my good friend Courtney and the Peter Anderson Festival and Walter Anderson Museum. Ocean Springs is an small community on the Gulf Coast with a very strong artistic identity. Much of the cities artistic history is based on the work of the Anderson brothers, who felt that an artist should create affordable work that brought pleasure to others, and in return, the artist should be able to pursue his artistic passions. These ideas are evident throughout the city and especially the festival.

I had very gracious hosts and tour guides who took me to see many amazing points of interest in the city...One of my favorite tour sessions was an early morning pajama clad drive around town.

Our first stop was to search for the allusive elephant...an interesting family story regarding a stolen elephant that belongs to my good friend Courtney's husband...I should tell you that his lovely grandmother with whom we stayed is an accomplished writer, so they stories and history that I acquired where quite amazing...

Next stop was the Ruskin Oak...an amazingly beautiful tree that dips and curves above and below ground...perfect for climbing children and relaxing respite...

Next stop was the harbor, which I'm hardly doing justice with these images...it was so peaceful and beautiful...you can certainly understand how the artists are so inspired living here...

The best stop we made was a trip down the unpaved road into the Shearwater Pottery Compound...although the modest structures that were severely damaged by Katrina are still being rebuilt, we saw the most surprising sight...a small tent on the side of the road filled with the original screens used for screen printing...this struck me as so amazing, a testament to the nature of the community, where art is so accessible and respected that these wonderful works of art can simply be placed in a tent on the side of the road and no one bothers them...
Now on to the Peter Anderson Festival...

Highlights included: TatoNuts donuts, the most amazing donuts I have ever tasted, yes better than Krispy Kreme...Courtney's crazy kids (my "nephews")...Government Street Grocery where we had very cold and refreshing Newcastles...and a trip to the amazing Walter Anderson Museum where we saw a great Mac Anderson Introspective...

For a tiny town, this festival is huge...there are over 300 vendors and 100,000 visitors were expected. The arts and crafts go on forever...but there are some really great artists. I picked up a couple of great, affordable pieces including several silhouette works and a Walter Anderson Waterspout print...um which is why I'm counting this as my Cure project for this week.


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