2 Inspiration: Black Walls

You know I'm a fan of black accent walls.  These two examples are crazy good.  Using black on the rear wall of a staircase makes the slope wall pop, adding dimension to the room. Painting a wall behind a workspace black especially when the rest of the room is light works so well.


3 We Moved!

We moved to our new beach house!!  I hate that things have been so slow around here, but the have been anything but in the real world.  We got all moved out of our old apartment, and are working on getting settled in our new one.  As you can see I've made some progress in my bedroom...We decided we couldn't live without our dark accent walls.  I honestly love the black wall(s) even better in this space, it made a huge difference in the way the room felt.  I also made one furniture purchase: an Alex from Ikea...which I have always wanted.

We are already enjoying our new neighborhoo, Redondo Beach (right near the Hermosa Beach line).  It kind of feels like Cali and NOLa had a baby. We can't wait to get out an explore some more.  While I work to get back to a routine, be sure to follow me on instagram to see what is going on... (My username is blackwhiteyello.)



0 Inspiration...

For our new apartment!!! 

We found out this weekend that we got the apartment we wanted in Redondo Beach.  Although there are things that we will miss about our current apartment, we are very excited about our new adventure.

1. Black and white living room. Found thanks to Design Shimmer. 
2. Bar cart and art wall
3. Jessica Sutton Graphic Design's office in Boston 
4. Rue Magazine (Anniversary Issue 2011). Design by Andi Potamkin. Photographed by Emily Anderson.
5. Outdoor space by Shareen Joel from Inside Out Magazine. 


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