2 The Design Files Open House

I get excited every time I come across an image of The Design Files Open House.  I'm not sure why I haven't dedicated a post to it yet.  Lucy is amazing and the house is completely inspirational. Basically Lucy and her team transformed a beautiful home in Windsor, Melbourne, to create a pop-up retail event. (Side note: why are pop-up shops so awesome?  Maybe the temporariness?). They carefully selected a group of awesome designers, artist and makers to fill this space.  The outcome was fantastic.

Please visit Lucy's Blog, The Design Files for many more images and source information for the furniture, art, and other great items. 

The Design Files Open House. Photography by Brooke Holm


Intarya Interior Design said...

The design files open house is an assortment of wonderful things. I particularly like the pictures of all the different shapes.

Liset said...

Love the great pictures! The colours combinations are very nice!


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