3 Eero Aarnio's Home

Finish Designer Eero Aarnio's home is so lovely. I am really a sucker for cube storage, which is featured throughout this house. I would love to be in that first room today, curled up reading a book.

3 {January} Resolutions Update

Vintage Pom-Pom Trim + Love Plate from World Market + Live What You Love Print from Hijirik Studio

So here is my update on how my resolutions are going:
1. ARE exams: I've been studying away...Two more tests down!
2. Work: I'm still working hard, but trying my best not to get too stressed. I'll give this one a check.
3. Finances: I am doing really well with this one! This month I paid off three small credit cards...yeah!
4. The budget: Check plus!
5. NO shopping until May: Ok, so I did a TINY bit of shopping. My purchases are pictured above. The pom-pom trim I have actually been searching for for quite sometime- it will grace my tiny Christmas tree next year. The plate I purchased on a day of depression, but at least it was just a plate. And the print I just love. I am always on the lookout for art that speaks to me, and this fit the bill. Grand total of unnecessary spending for the entire month of January....$25. I think this is pretty good for one month. Honestly, although there were moments that I wanted to buy other things, it feels really good to have not. Now, these items feel like real treasures.
6. Living Room Make-over: I'm trying to pace myself on this one, but I think I have found some good couch options. {The Jasper is definitely in the lead.}
7. Fitness: I have been doing really well in this department. I have been doing at least 30 minutes of exercise almost everyday. I'm quite proud of myself. As a mentioned last weekend, I have even started walking to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings {it isn't that far, but I always used to drive. this also discourages me from going shopping afterwards}
8. Growing the blog: Still need to work on this one, but I have been blogging very consistently...50 posts this month, which I think is a record for me.

Not too bad for a month!



2 {The Great Sofa Search} Gus*Modern

These lovely sofas from Gus*Modern are more inspiration than actual options, as they are out of my price range. The Trudeau is very similar to Room and Board's Jackson. I absolutely love the base on the Clinton, but I don't like the smaller loose back cushions. The Jane Bi-Sectional is what drew me to this brand in the first place, but I decided that the chaise would be too large for our living room that is long but rather narrow.

0 The Most Perfect Little Chair....

This most perfect little chair pops up from time to time. And I love it.
Seen before here.


0 Thomas Paul Lamps

Fantastic new lamp options from Thomas Paul...available at 2Modern.

0 Pinch Design Vigo Shelving Units

I love these shelving units from Pinch Design. It just makes sense that a storage unit should have a variety of options {open shelves, drawers, doors, etc.}. These do a good job of accomplishing that while still looking cohesive....

1 Kate Spade {Love}


5 {The Great Sofa Search} Ikea Karlstad

Ok, next on the option list is the Ikea Karlstad {which I would get in sivik dark gray}. As Lane pointed out, it is a more affordable version on the Room and Board Jasper. Other than the legs {I think I would get the metal option, the wooden ones are too chunky} it really looks very similar. I'm a little concerned that it wouldn't be as comfortable, but all the reviews that I have read have been good. I won't be positive what my actual budget is until I get my yearly bonus, so for now we will keep this high on the list. Incidentally, this is the same couch that Anna from Door Sixteen has...the second pic is her lovely living room.

2 Present & Correct

Fun new items from Present & Correct...


2 Pola{d}roid

I have been wanting to try out Poladroid after seeing it all over the blog world. It is really fun...and kind of addicting. I love the way it gives the pictures an aged feel. My favorite might be the Dad's Balboa Bar at night. {Where I had my first ever official frozen banana, even though it was freezing outside.}

{Side Note} I wish I could report that the fabulous black, white, and yellow scale was mine, but alas it is not. Congrats to Angela for such a great thrift store find...


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