3 Domino Decorating Contest Favorites

I finally browsed through the images of Domino's Decorating Contest...now I'm not so crazy about the finalists...but there were some fabulous rooms, and quite a few from AT....here are some of my favorites...btw that green couch is my favorite, and now I really want one...has anyone seen a similar couch lately??


4 All Things Black White & Yellow

Its been way too long since I've posted about things that are black, white, and yellow and thus make me happy. Here we go...

A fabulous, fabulous shot of JD's Entry to the AT Color Contest...and Design For Mankind's Bedroom (I love that blog...)

Snow & Graham Blackberry Print Wrapping Paper and Notebook available online at Luxe Paperie, I get mine at Scriptura in NOLA. This is the paper that I used for the bookcase and will use for the bar this week (it will be done, I will accomplish something this week!)

A fabulous yellow bar cart from Just Scandinavia (hmm no price listed...) and a great Etsy print from Studio Lyon (don't buy it, I want it...)

Great work from Lisa Bengtsson...Lovregn, Svarmor, Taxi Stockholm 2, & Familigen...
CB2's Morocco Rug and Pinwheel Rug

Fun Yellow Composition Book and Clipboard from Composition...


8 CANstruction

So here is the project that has gotten my Cure totally off track...

CANstruction is an AIA sponsored event where architectural firms and schools have twelve hours to build structures/sculptures of cans and food products...they are judged and awards are given...then all of the food is donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank...so its a win-win situation: the firm and the sponsors get publicity, you get to do something fun with your group, and a huge donation is made to the food bank.

I was kinda forced into being in charge this year, as the former CANstruction leader of our firm just left to form her own firm...so she passed the torch...I had never participated in this event while I was at Tulane and the firm hasn't participated since I've worked there...needless to say I was a bit anxious about the whole thing...especially after horror stories of the structures falling in years past...

I'm happy to report that our structure came together perfectly...no structural failures...and my co-captain Dante and I led our happy design team to create an amazing structure...I'm really proud...

So with out further ado, I present...our mexi.CAN.tina....aka the TACO TRUCK


UPDATE: Last night at the judging we won one of the most prestigious awards...BEST MEAL!


0 An Ode to Bookcases

I only keep a modest collection of books, but I love book displays...a selection of some of my favorite recent finds from AT, Elle Decor, and Domino

2 Cure To Do List Revisted

Ok, since I got nothing done this week, and will likely get nearly nothing done this week, let's revisit the original To-Do List to determine what is left to do in the next two weeks...

Living Room:
-Hem Curtains - Complete
-Paint Side Table - Purchased paint
-New Couch Cover - Postponed until December mini-Cure
-New Coffee Table - Postponed until December mini-Cure
-Freshen Art over couch/new objects for cubes
-Hang mirror - Complete
-Create Bar Area - In Progress
-Frame and hang Poster - Complete
-More art
-Freshen Landing Strip - Complete
-New flat screen TV and entertainment center - Postponed until December mini-Cure

My Bathroom:
-Paint - Purchased Paint and then decided not to paint
-New Shower Curtain - I have yet to find the perfect shower curtain, so this activity may remain incomplete...
-New Rug - Complete
-New Accessories - Complete
-Hang Shelf - Complete
-Hook/Art Project - Complete

-Remove outbox items left over from Spring Cure - Complete
-Purge unused pillows on futon - Complete
-Get/Make a Headboard - I think I'm going to not pass on this for now
-Paint - Complete
-New Bedskirt - Complete
-Bed table- fix existing or get new- I decided the table was ok as-is
-Improve lighting - Complete
-New curtains - Complete
-Get rid of the last outdoor chair that is inside - Complete


3 Week 6 Accomplishments


That's right...I'm a Cure loser this week...


-Too busy working on the Canstruction Project...more to come...

-Illness...that included a 12 hour fever...

-The Wedding of coworker Greg...and thus a two day mad search for a dress to wear to a day wedding in October in NOLA (it's still warm, and all dresses out right now are wool and ugly...really, who designed this season's fashion?) sales ladies actually laughed at us when we told them the situation...this was stressful, can you tell?...

-Attending the Saints game with co-workers...which of course turned into an all day event

I really, really hate this post...I did give cure advice to a co-worker Kelli regarding her new Cure (that isn't going so well...) does this count??


0 Remake Etsy

I had bookmarked Remake's Letter Notebooks a while ago...while they are no longer available the other fantastic mini notebooks and stickers are...The items are made using mainly salvaged and recycled materials and are sik-screened and sewn by hand...They will also do custom work...very cool...

4 Phrase Posters

I love phrase posters...I know you see some of them all over the place, but I can't get enough...

Keep Calm and Carry On from Reform School and Keep Calm
Loose Lips from Keep Calm
For Like Ever from Village
We Are So Good Together from Reform School and I am Still Alive
You can Rarely See... from Keep Calm
A Series of Catastrophes and Celebrations from Zak Group
Work Hard & Be Nice to People from Soma Gallery
It is Ok... from Soma Gallery
Note: I was thinking about getting the "We Are So Good Together" print for our bedroom...then I decided that "A Series of Catastrophes and Celebrations" probably better describes our relationship...


0 Reform School

I have no idea why I didn't post about Reform School as soon as I returned from LA months ago...I love it...I love everything about it...my most favorite things are: the card catalog repurposed as display, the book display that is on an angle, the Keep Calm and Carry on Poster (which I also own- actually I own two one for home and one for work), the cigarette machine that distributes art, the rhinocerous made from a pesticide can that I gave to a beloved coworker who is obsessed with rhinos, the black and white wallpaper, the part of LA that it is located in (Silverlake- which is totally LA meets NOLA)...you should go there...and now they have a website http://www.reformschoolrules.com/...


5 Week 5 Accomplishments

Week 5 Accomplishments

Living Room:

-Houston we have a bar! Ok well a small one...it includes two floating shelves and stemware racks that I installed under the bar to the kitchen...this area was previously unused because I didn't know how to use it...this isn't a perfect solution, but it works...and gives me a place to store the stemware and other glassware...


-Found and hung cool new art...they are basically squares of wood painted black and then carved in a graphic pattern, so that the images are in natural wood...this could be a good DIY project...

-Finished the hook project...these are decorative wood panels that I spray painted black and added chrome hooks...I made 2.5 of these a while ago, now I have 6...They hold my hand towel, hair dryer, straightener, and head bands...very functional...


-Flowers...or um...gourds and tiny pumpkins this week...they were too cute to pass up...
-Got rid of outbox items purged last week...
Ok that's it, but I did it all this afternoon...not too shabby for a couple of hours...but overall I can feel my Cure slowing down in progress...I have completed many of the items on my original to do list, but many of the other things involve purchases that I can't afford to make right now...hmm...

I'm also showing an image of my desk area...I didn't actually do any work here this week, but I'm very proud of how well organized the cords are...all bundled and velcroed out of site on the underside of the desk...also I spend a lot of time here...um despite the supposed media fast...


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