4 Happy New Year's Friends!

Happy New Year's Friends!

It has been wonderful meeting so many great friends this year...I can't wait to spend more time finding great inspiration with you in 2010!


Images from Confetti Systems {I've only been saving these images for like a year...thank god I am finally using them!}


4 Merry Christmas Friends!

I always have a little struggle at the holidays deciding whether to continue to blog each day. I love finding great inspiration and sharing it with you, but as you can imagine it is a bit time consuming...so I have decided to take a little holiday break. I will still be tweeting, but there won't be any scheduled posts here on the blog.
I will be in Los Angeles and Texas over the next two weeks and will be back in NOLA on Jan. 4th. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and enjoys time with their family. I will see you back here on the 5th!

{Side Note} If anyone wants to nominate and vote for me in the 2009 Homies awards at Apartment Therapy that would be super awesome!


1 Inspiration from Haus Interiors

This is further confirming my thought that we need some great wallpaper in our bedroom in LA.

0 Andrew Fossey's Beetham Tower Penthouse

Andrew Fossey's Beetham Tower Penthouse...Mom, I think this should be the inspiration for our living room.

4 Arrow Earrings

Alyssa at BROOKLNRehab posted about these Arrow Earrings yesterday and I am OBSESSED! I really, really want two pairs...I think they are perfection.


0 Fantastic Storage from Alancraft

I wish these images were better, but I am in love with these custom storage cabinets built by Alancraft for Far From Timid.

From Apartment Therapy

3 Inspiration from Mi Casa Magazine

These images from Mi Casa Magazine  have left me feeling very inspired...

{via MadeByGirl}

8 Jonathan Adler Whale Ornament

Dear Jonathan Adler,
I noticed that you have created a great little whale ornament. I was wondering if you could please put him on sale. You see, I love whales...a lot, but I don't have a lot of money right now. I think this whale would be very happy living at my house. I would love him very much.

Thank you,


4 Flowers in Metal Vases

A few months ago I realized that I LOVE flowers in metal vases. I think it is the combination of soft warm beauty of the flowers with the cold reflective surface of the vase. I am adding vintage mint julep cups to my wish list.

{1,2,4} Via: The Style Files

{3} Via: This is Glamorous

2 Andrew Fossey's Beetham Tower Apartment

Andrew Fossey's Beetham Tower Apartment. I fall even more in love with those Tom Dixon lights each time I see them.

0 Erica Weiner Button Necklaces

Erica Weiner Button Necklaces available at Room6 ...adorable.


1 Eon Wrap

I love this description:
The undulating eon pattern is a to-scale original pen + ink drawing, inspired by the bark of trees, the movement of the sea, and the accumulation of time.

3 Alphabet Bags

The latest great bags from Alphabet Bags...super fun.


2 Rocks.

Make that lovely rocks. Oil paintings from Carly Waito. Via: Design*Sponge

0 Lotta K Patterns

Lotta K Patterns are so fantastic...if only that middle one was yellow instead of green!

2 Shine by S.H.O.

I am completely obsessed with these pieces from Shine by S.H.O. That Shanghai Console in Citron Lacquer needs to come live with me...
Via: Oh Joy!

2 Terrarium Ornaments

Terrarium Ornaments via Cup of Jo...my tree could use a couple of these.

{Side Note} I went to Michaels yesterday to get some of the clear glass ornaments to make my own version of these great nature ornaments....and they were wiped out. They seriously had nothing in their holiday department. Maybe next year...


2 Kamal Wrapping Sheets

I am always looking for great wrapping paper, so I was super excited when Design*Sponge posted about Kamal Wrapping Sheets. Besides the great graphics, each mini roll comes with 2 sheets of wrapping paper and 2 sheets of coordinating tissue paper making them great to have on hand year round...

2 Gorgeous Inspiration...


2 Glass Plates from Fox and Clover

Glass Plates from Fox and Clover...so awesome. Actually this shop has a lot of really cool things, you should check them out.


5 Quote Unquote Bookends

Quote Unquote Bookends from A+R...perfect bookends in my opinion.

0 Andrew Fossey's Home from Living Etc.

UK Interior Designer Andrew Fossey's Home from Living Etc.

2 Luxe Collection Leggings

I am in love with these leggings. I NEED that pair with the bows!
Via: um, er....I'm just going to pretend I found them myself unless someone can help with who really discovered these. NEVERMIND, found it. Or I should say found by Decor8!


13 My Christmas Tree....er Branches!

My Christmas Tree....er Branches! Tehehe. This isn't exactly how I imagined it, but I am not going to lie - it makes me happy. And that's really the point isn't it.

It is also kinda difficult to photograph, but I think you get the idea.

3 Twig Bangle from Erica Weiner

I HEART this Twig Bangle from Erica Weiner...

3 Coral and Grey Bedroom

I know this is not a color palette I show you very often, but occasionally I come across something that is so not me, but that I love so much I just have to share.
Bedroom Makeover from Whole Lotta Lovely Via: Apartment Therapy
{Side Note} It just occurred to me that I have those floral pillowcases or at least very similar ones on my couch. Maybe this is another color I didn't realize I like so much!

1 Present & Correct Advent Boxes

Each day from December 1st-24th Present & Correct lists a new numbered wrapped box containing a notebook, vintage domino, pencil & a clip.. plus a variety of paper shapes, labels & whatever else they want. I wish I could get one!


8 Holiday Inspiration

About a week ago, I got out the box of my favorite Christmas ornaments. I scattered a few around, but I wasn't feeling very inspired to actually decorate for the holidays. After seeing so much great inspiration from the blog world, now I feel like I am ready! These are some of the things that are getting me motivated.

This Felt Wreath made by Pickles {who has an amazing blog banner btw.} from Kirsten at Simply Grove's DIY Christmas Guide

Jennifer of Made By Girl's Holiday Tree and her inspiration pic....this is exactly what I was contemplating, but I was afraid it would end up looking like a pile of stick in a white vases. This gives me hope!

I do not want a Circus themed tree {although it is completely adorable}, but I LOVE that yellow tree topper. From OnceWed Via: Design*Sponge and Twig and Thistle
Oh and I just realized the ornaments and the poster that accompany the tree were designed by one of my new favorite obsessions: Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting... more to come on this.


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