3 Black and White Wallpaper

I am seriously feeling this black and white wallpaper from Graham and Brown...maybe for our room in LA {don't tell my dad I am thinking about adding some wallpaper.} From: Burke Decor

1 Kalmar Museum of Art

Kalmar Museum of Art designed by Architects Tham & Videgard Hansson...love this.

2 Inspiration Sunday...er on Monday!

I am determined to get back on schedule...

{1} Awesome library/bedroom from Mildred's Lane (artist J Morgan Puett and Mark Dion) via: Even*Cleveland

{2} Bedroom with awesome window via: From the Right Bank...

{3} Living Room via: Ninainvorm

{4} Fantastic common room via: Emma's Design Blogg



1 Black and White Rugs from Madeline Weinrib

Black and White Rugs from Madeline Weinrib:

I will own a Madeline Weinrib rug one day. {I know I have told you this before, but I have to keep saying it so it will come true.}

1 Sally Conran

0 Paper Extravaganza

Did you see the interview with Charles Clary of Paper Extravaganza at Design Milk ? Seriously awesome work.


2 Lamp from Three Potato Four

1 Awesome Etsy Shop {Sockster}

I discovered Sockster's Etsy Shop the other day...and I am in love. Not only are the vintage products fantastic, so are the little vignettes.

2 Lovely and Lagniappe

Lagniappe: The owl I made for my friend Jenny's new little baby boy. {How cute is he??}



2 Handblown Glasses from Toast

Handblown Glasses from Toast...how gorgeous are these? I think they would make a fantastic Christmas gift.

0 Inspiration...

Awesome rooms featuring yellow, graphic wallpaper, and Ikea's Trollsta Sideboard...perfection!

5 Need Supply Co.

Um yeah. I am obessed with this store now. I will take each of these items please.


2 Po-Boy Festival

The Po-Boy Festival is this weekend. New Orleans has hundreds of festivals...so, I have no idea why I am telling you about this one in particular {other than that is where I will today} and I think it is funny when festivals are dedicated to particular food items.
Just kidding...I didn't make it. I bet it was fun though...


4 Payless Shoes

Payless isn't normally one of my shopping stops, but the other day Brit and I stopped in during a little shoe mission. We had heard that Christian Siriano had a line and we wanted to see it first hand, but we ended up being way more impressed with the Lela Rose line. Brit got those adorable blue satin flats and I got the great tweed pair. I also picked up a pair of black ruffle flats and a sassy pair of teal wedges. I think our grand total was $60...not too shabby.

3 Fashion Inspiration

I love these outfits. This exactly how I want to be dressing right now...and I don't think either is such a stretch from my current wardrobe.


1 Talk Bubble Speakers

Speak-er from Think of The

5 Lovely Inspiration

When Desire to Inspire asked readers if they could live in this apartment {it is rather small, although honestly I am pretty sure my current apartment is smaller} I think I gave a little shout at work "YES!!". I adore everything about this little apartment.

0 Otto Workstation

Otto Workstation by John Lewis

Seen in Elle Decor UK Edition paired with a white Panton chair. Looked fantastic.


1 Black and White Pillows

Black and White Pillows from Target {thanks TheMomma!}. I was a bit surprised to see the SCAD pillows {first row} at Target...

3 Genevieve Wiseman Styling

I love getting inspiration from stylists. Genevieve Wiseman does some fantastic work...
{Side Note} I have always wanted a Rorschach inspired print.

1 Cake Plate

Fantastic cake stands from Iacoli and Mcallister...combining multiple obsessions into one, yes please!
{Side Note} When searching for these I found this post on Apartment Therapy, with this hilarious statement:
We have a deep fascination and love for powder-coating.
It's like the bacon of the design world - throw some on anything and it's bound
to be good.


3 Gellato Love.

The other night I stopped by Sucre and had the most amazing gellato. It was white yogurt {with pink macaroons!} It tasted like the most delicious gellato and Pinkberry had a baby...perfectly sweet and sour. I hope they keep this flavor for a while...
Oh, and what is that in the background? Just a 6' tall macaroon tree.

7 Half Full...Half Empty

Optimism and pessimism posters from Because Studio...Via: Design Milk

4 Yellow and Grey Bedroom Inspiration

As always with images from Coastal Living, these are a little too country/traditional for me...but there are still a lot of great elements and ideas. {I should note that I took the liberty of photoshopping out that horrific sun thing hanging over the bed.}

0 Lovely & Lagniappe...

Lagniappe: Kate Spade Black and White Polka Dot Thermos via: Happy Lady Eats


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