3 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing...

This is one is for my girls...I love you guys.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing from the always fantastic Castle.

I thought that I would be able to blog through this week, but this whole moving/leaving everyone process has been a little more challenging than I had prepared myself for. 

Hopefully I can post again once I get to Palm Springs...

See you in Cali...


1 New Wallpaper from Isak!?

New Wallpaper from Isak!?

Found thanks to Hello Tiger!

0 Pillows from Koko


I'm loving these pillows from Koko, available at 2Modern.


0 Pratt Office Collection from West Elm

Pratt Office Collection from West Elm...I'm really liking this collection.

2 Lovely San Diego Home

A San Diego home featuring large decks, rich wood, and indoor rooms that open to the outdoors...super lovely.

And look, there is my dream chair again...

Found thanks to Dwell.

3 Superior Servers from Ladies & Gentelmen

Superior Servers from Ladies & Gentelmen ...these are pretty fantastic.


1 New Inspiration for My Bedroom In LA {Part 1}

Column 1:
Pouf from Muovo + Thomas Paul Pillow + CB2 Pablo Tables + Cavern Collection Blanket
Column 2:
Vintage Hand Bookends + Rug from Suki Cheema + Pyrex Planters from Three Potato Four
Column 3:
Quilt from Suki Cheema + Leather Butterfly Chair Cover + West Elm Seedling Duvet Cover + Wood + Resin Boxes from West Elm
Column 4:
Suzy Jack* Arrow Clips  + Striped Throw from Bo Concept + Succulent Love Succulents + Letters Lulubell Composition Book

Column 1:
Chelsea Kelp Fabric fron Tonic Living + Black and White Highway Sign + Leaves Mobile
Column 2:
Marimekko Oiva Plate + Pod Pillow from Be Still Shop + Wolfie and the Sneak Badminton Print
Column 3:
Vintage Yellow Arrows + Marimekko Oiva Mug + Bent Arrow Ring
Column 4:
Lines and Arrows Pillow from Be Still Shop + Harbinger Company Wood BoxThomas Paul Pillow

It is time to get serious about my room in my parents house in Los Angeles, which will be my new home for a little while.  The room needs to suit my style, incorporate my sister's style since we will be sharing the room when whe comes home from college some weekends and holidays, and eventually act as a guest room for both of us and my grandparents in the long term.

I think you guys understand my style.  Luckily my sister shares some aspects, she likes black and white and bold graphics. She is also kinda into native american things right now, so I thought I would incorporate this into our inspiration board. 

When I started this I realized that many of the things that I've been blogging about lately work into this theme...very convienient.  I'm working on a board of finished rooms that embody this style too. 

So, what do you think?  Any inspiration images come to mind?


6 Palm Springs Suggestions?

The day after I get to LA, we are taking a trip to Palm Springs...which I am super psyched about.  This trip has been on my to do list for several years...

I'm looking for suggestions on things to do/see and place to shop while we were there.

I'll be following Domino's Destination Palm Springs Guide, Design*Sponge's City Guide , and Kelli's Guide to Palm Springs {Thanks Kelli!}...

Anything I should be sure not to miss?

1 Design*Sponge End of Summer Yellow Under $100 Guide

Have you seen Design*Sponge's End of Summer Yellow Under $100 Guide...you should check it out, it's pretty fabulous.

0 Black, White, and Wood Jewelry Boxes

Black, White, and Wood Jewelry Boxes from West Elm...adding these to my wish list now.


1 Another Fantastic Sofa Option: The Nook

I just noticed this sofa, The Nook, on The Design Files' Need/Want list.   I really like it, a lot.  The only problem is they don't seem to be available in the US. Which is bad, because I really want one.

3 House by the Sea

I think this house is completely lovely.

Found thanks to Aubrey Road and Plataforma Arquitectura.

3 Pedlars = Awesome

I should do a word count on the number times I use the word awesome on this blog.  I say it a lot in real life too.  In fact, I talk pretty much just like I write, short and to the point...except sometimes I get off track and mumble on and on...um anyway.

This store Pedlars is awesome.  These vintage yellow warehouse lights are awesome, that turquoise bakelite thermometer is awesome, those canteen utility chairs are awesome, and so is this sleeping bag.

If I ever won the lottery I would clean this place out.

Found thanks to the awesome Black Eiffel.



The last couple of weeks have been stressful.  Work is insanely busy, and moving your life across the country is a bit challenging and time consuming to get all the arrangements made and things packed...to say the least.

But I don't want my last few weeks in NOLA to be stressfull, I want to enjoy it.  So I will do my best to remember this sentiment.

Found thanks to Yes, Please Design.

0 Mod Wedding Inspiration and Shoot from Bash, Please

Love the idea, the inspirations, and this shoot for a mod wedding.

From Bash, Please...a collaboration between Yes, Please Design + Bash Eco Events, both fantastic on their own, no wonder the collaboration is so good.

Found thanks to Once Wed.  See more there.

0 Geo Side Table from West Elm

The Geo Side Table from West Elm is shiny and geometric, so of course I love it.


5 Ceramic Farmers Market Baskets

These Ceramic Farmers Market Baskets are very much on my wish list... I think they are fantastic.


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