1 Marimekko for Converse

Marimekko for Converse...uh uh. That's right. Makes me wish I wore sneakers.

5 One of the Most Amazing Collections I've Ever Seen...

Lisa Congdon's collection of vintage colorful enamelware makes me simultaneously so freaking happy and extremely jealous.

Also, in my next apartment (I've been doing lots of dreaming and planning lately if you can't tell.) I want to find a way to display some of my favorite things in this way.  Lots displayed, without it looking cluttered. Goes along with the whole minimalism vs maximalism debate too...

From the article Prized Collections from Martha Stewart.

2 Minimalism vs Maximalism from Jonathan Adler

I just had to repost this from Jonathan Adler's Musings...

I often have an internal struggle about this.  Part of me really wants to have a really minimalist, modern space. But I also love really well designed objects, having them surrounding me makes me happy.  I think this explains the balance of the two, or maybe rather how the two can coexist together.  I hope that in my next apartment I will be able to achieve a really good balance of the two...


0 Inspiration Sunday...

A little black, white, and shine for this Sunday's inspiration...

Found thanks to My Paradissi and Emma's Design Blog.


2 Creative Flats and My Coffee Table...

Oh look, my coffee table is showing up all over the place this week!

This is also a great concept, nicely executed:  
Creative Flats designs and outfits high-end furnished spaces for rent...there are some great properties on their site.

Found thanks to Design Shimmer.


1 Ensemblen Lights

I am minorly obsessed with these gold lights from Ensemblen...

Found thanks to Seesaw Design


6 New Toms...

I adore my Toms, but it's time for some new ones.  I want to get black ones, but I'm having a hard time choosing between the Black Classic and the Earthwise Slate Classics.  I was just going to get the normal black ones, but I like that the Earthwise's one's are made from vegan, earth friendly materials and the bit of shine makes them feel a little more special.  However, I'm mostly going to be wearing them with jeans and some variation of a black tee {my self imposed uniform}, or one of my many black cotton dresses, or black skirts.  I'm wondering if the regular black one's would look better and less fussy.

Anyway, this isn't exactly a life or death decision, but I'd love to hear your opinion.  Thanks!

Update!  Thank you for your opinions...I just ordered the classic black ones!


1 Inspiration Sunday...

I should start calling this feature the Sunday Midnight Inspiration Show.

Lovely room from the portfolio of photographer Ditte Isager.

Found thanks to From the Right Bank.


6 Color Hunting from Bernat Fortet

I find the series Color Hunting from Bernat Fortet so inspiring...

0 Oh Look My Table Has a Name:

Alanda table by Paolo Piva...mine is most definitely a knock off, but again it was free!

Found thanks to Jarlath Mellett


0 Esser Vesper

Loving Esser Vesper...

1 Jarlath Mellett's Manhattan Loft

Jarlath Mellett's Manhattan loft...this time a little different pair, a sofa and a daybed.  Still love it.  And low  storage along the wall, with a focus point, this time a fire place. Are we seeing some patterns here?

Found thanks to Escapade.

1 Louis Reith...

Art Work from Louis Reith.  My kind of art.

Found thanks to See Saw Designs.


2 Living Room Inspiration...

This is a great space.  The more I see two sofas across from each other in living rooms, the more I'm convinced that is exactly what I want. Of course, I can't even decide on (or afford) one that I really like much less two.  But perhaps one day.

I also love the idea of low storage along one wall.  Admittedly I would put a tv on it too, although I love the focus on that large piece of art...hmm.

From Hus & Hem. Found thanks to House Of Turquoise.

2 You Rock...

You Rock...from Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks.  Seriously so many great things in their shop.


1 Inspiration Sunday...

Image 1: From Sk├Âna Hem Photo by Johan Carlson. Found thanks to Design Studio 210.
Image 2: From The Selby. Found thanks to the Decorista.


1 J Crew Shoes.

So, I still don't own any oxfords, but I still kinda really want them.  I like these because they have a lighter, more feminine feel than this more traditional pair.  Perhaps a ballet flat version like these would work better for me? These aren't really oxford-ish at all, but I like them.


0 Email Correction

Ok friends.  I made an unfortunate discovery today.  The email link in my sidebar was connected to an incorrect email address.  I can't even begin to explain this, other than you you shouldn't redesign your blog while you are trying to move across the country.  So, it's fixed now...but if you have ever sent me an email and I have not responded it is probably for this reason.  If you would like to resend previous emails or send me a new email anytime, I would LOVE to hear from you.

The proper email address is blackwhiteyellowblog@gmail.com

I apologize sincerely.

3 Bracelets from Thief and Bandit

Oh more love for Thief and Bandit...I love these bracelets {I already own the gold leather one.}

Oh...and wait until you see these baby leggings...

2 Kitchen Inspiration...

I've got kitchen inspiration on the brain for some reason...

From Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home.

1 Yellow Inspiration from Shane Powers and Decor8

Love this post on Decor8 featuring my favorite colors, some great inspiration, and the work of stylist Shane Powers...


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