3 Vintage Yellow Book Ends

Because sometimes fate is on your side.

Vintage Bookends is one of my regular searches on Etsy. It doesn't really produce great results {with the exception of these fabulous ones that I got from Junk Culture last year}. But yesterday by accident, I found these most fantastic yellow bookends from Hindsvik. I clicked that purchase button so fast...honestly I would liked to have purchased everything in the shop, you should check it out.

2 Worn Brown Leather

I am suddenly obsessed wtih worn brown leather.

{1 +2} 18th century home in Paris Via Desire to Inspire

{3} Via Emmas Design Blog

{4} From Domino

3 Bold Yellow Wall Graphics

Um yes.


3 Inspiration from Living Etc.

I LOVE the use of color in this house. From Living Etc. April 2008

1 Horse Bobbels...

This is random, yes I know.
When I was in high school, I created this amazing piece of art that included a ballerina with a strawberry head. {maybe I will show you one day} Recently, my sister {who in addition to being a phenomenal dancer is also a talented artist} starting drawing figures with strawberry heads.
These remind me of the strawberry head people. I think they are freaking fantastic.


1 House Industries Art

These prints from House Industries are all over the blog world...and I love them. Simple, yet bold graphics= perfection.

0 Thomas Paul Archive Palm Bags

As you know, I am a huge Thomas Paul fan. The Archive Palm print is probably my most favorite print he has ever done {I have two pillows in this print}. So, I am thinking that the Archive Palm Bags {available at Velocity} are going to need to come home with me. {Ok, at least the tote bag}

29 The New Apartment Tour

Are you ready? It isn't "finished", but I wanted to show you anyway. My goal for the space was for it to scream HAPPY. After the last few months I have had, I need it. I think I am getting there. So without further ado:

{The Living Room}
The art is very much a work in progress. I am waiting on a few new prints to come in, and I still need to get my lovely prints from Wolfie and the Sneak framed. I also need to get a couple more magazine files for the bottom shelf of the landing strip so that it looks all cohesive. I also need to get a rug...one day.

{The Bathroom}

A few little peaks of this bathroom {which is oh so much more spacious than my old bathroom- I even have a big garden tub!} This last image is my favorite drawer...filled with my collection of head bands.

{The Bedroom}

This vintage metal bookcase with glass doors is my new prized possession. I knew the moment I saw it I had to have it. I knew exactly where I wanted it to go in the new house. I LOVE it.

This is my super secret behind the door crafting area. I had to improvise since I no longer have room for my crafting desk. I think it a sneaky solution.

The things I really love about this apartment are: the layout {I will have to add a floor plan later. It is essentially a square divided into four rooms with the storage in the center and the circulation path around the storage...perfect!}, everything is essentially brand new {including the kitchen! yeah!}, the balcony {I got lucky with this one, oh and I will have to show you the kinda cool view to the river.}, the tall ceilings {I even have crown moulding.}, and mostly the light {because of the layout every room gets daylight, it is wonderful}.
So what do you think? Any suggestions?


2 Paul Barbera

Paul Barbera From Desire To Inspire...love, love love that kitchen.

2 Oh To Be Here....

I would really like to be this woman today or perhaps lounging in these chairs...

1 Vintage Scale

I mean everyone needs a fantastic enameled black, white, and yellow scale to...um meausure things. Right??
From Etsy shop Found Vintage Style {one of my favorites}...you should see all the amazing vintage yellow items.


1 Office/Crafting Inspiration

I love this space so much...all the white storage untits and pops of color from the art/inspiration images...awesome!

4 Photography by Emma Mitchel

The photography is great, but what got me are those drawers: perfectly worn wood flat files...I die!

4 Darjeeling Tea

Adorable little tea tins...I love the colors!
From here and here.


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