0 Of a Kind: Earhart Carry Case

Have I told you yet that I am OBSESSED with Of a Kind?  I teeter between being so excited when the emails pop up to praying that I won't want the inevitably awesome item. I mean I TRY to be good.

Well today I caved.  This did me in: Earhart Carry Case by Materials and Process

I almost didn't even share this, becuase I don't want you to get addicted.  And also becuase I'm a little selfish and I don't want you to buy them all up before I cave and enter my credit card number! (It happend once before) :)

1 My Week in Photos


0 Triangle Day Bag from Bookhou

Yay!! As you guys know I'm a big fan of Bookhou, especially her triangle print items.  I FINALLY ordered myself a Triangle Day Bag.  I can't wait for it to arrive...so excited.


0 Carlo Van De Roer Orbs

I am very excited to have just ordered these two prints by Carlo Van De Roer from 20x200. I absolutely love being in water, especially the ocean. I am a pisces after all (in every way possible), so it's pretty fitting.  So these prints really speak to me.  I absolutely love the artist's statement: 
The term “orb” is typically used to describe circular artifacts in photographs-artifacts which have been interpreted by some as spirits. Despite being debunked and explained (most commonly as backscatter from precipitation or dust), there’s a surprisingly widespread belief that orb photographs document the supernatural. There are organizations, conferences, hunts, field experts, detectors and websites dedicated to spiritualist orb photography.
This photographic search for something larger than ourselves was the starting point for this project. I photographed people in landscapes that are partly obscured by precipitation. The subjects are seen searching for or interacting with orbs, which are represented as dots covering parts of the scene.
Orb 5 (Long Island, New York) and Orb 3 (Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland) by Carlo Van de Roer.

0 Rebecca Baumann

Automated Colour Field by Rebecca Baumann, made from flip clocks and colored paper...so cool. I would love to have this at my house, I have a feeling I could watch it for hours.  

0 Meet My Newest Advertiser: SewZinski

I'm happy to offer a belated welcome to my newest advertiser, SewZinski. 

SewZinski's Etsy shop is full of eco-friendly hand painted ceramics, hand painted travel mugs, embroidery, and accessories. Sarah's work is inspired by things around her, nature, pop culture, texture and color. She will also collaborate with customers to make custom hand painted ceramics, embroidery, and accessories. My favorite items include these scallop coasters and this chevron mug


1 Peggy Credenza

This is such a good example of a well made, simple piece of furniture.   l love the contemporary take on mid century modern design.

That cactus is pretty fantastic too.  You know I can't resist a good succulent/cactus.

The Peggy Cabinet from Stokperd. Found thanks to and images from Miss Moss.  

0 Dwell Square and Circle Art

The simplicity of this pairing of graphic square and circle is just perfect. I love the wood frames too.

More awesomeness from Dwell Studio.


2 Julia Leach's Apartment from Lonny Magazine

This is my favorite house in the June/July issue of Lonny Magazine: the Manhattan apartment of Julia Leach, founder of Chance.  LOVE that art wall in the dining room and the bar cart. 

From the June/July issue of Lonny Magazine. Photography by Patrick Cline. Art Direction by Michelle Adams. Interior Design by Julia Leach.

2 Stone and Honey Earrings

Stone and Honey Earrings...

Found thanks to Miss Moss.


1 Awesome Staircase

This might be the coolest staircase I've ever seen.  It looks like it would be a little rough on bare feet, but I love it anyway.  

From Francesco Librizzi  Studio.  Found thanks to Emma's Design Blog via Nicole Balch's Pinterest. 

2 Black, White, Stripes, and Leather Wedding

I find this to be incredibly awesome: a bridal party outfitted in black and white stripes with leather shoes. Yes. From Kate Osborne Photography.


0 Plywood Series Alphabet from Significant Others

Plywood Series Alphabet from Significant Others...that ampersand has shot to the top of my hypothetical tattoo inspiration list. 

Found thanks to Miss Moss.

0 Shoe Needs

I'm going to need these. Now.

Loeffler Randall Fawn Sporty Flat Sandals.

0 I'm Back! And My Week in Photos

I'm back...blogging from my shiny new Mac Book Pro!  It is taking a little getting used to using a Mac, and blogging without Photoshop, but I'm learning pretty quickly.  Otherwise, I've been fighting yet another sinus infection, so we've spent a lot of time on the couch.  Last weekend we did try a new breakfast spot: The Grand Casino Bakery and Cafe which was amazing...and had another little pool party which is always fun. Hope you had a good weekend...


0 Black and Yellow Just in Case Emergency Kit

Just in Case Kit. Designed and crafted by Menosunocerouno.

Um friends, I've run into a bit of snag.  I think my laptop died for good.  Please forgive my mini hiatus, I hope it will be brief.  I might be blogging from a shiny new mac next time we talk...


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