0 A Place for Trace...

There is a lonesome roll of trace paper sitting in front of me right now. I am very much in love with this simple object. From Merchant No. 4.
{Family members feel free to take note of this for Christmas gifting! I bet owning one of these would automatically make me a better architect.}

4 Graphic Blue Love

I'm with Alek on this recent love of blue...
Via: Domino and Johnny Miller

4 Paper Jam Press Posters

Paper Jam Press Posters...I am way in love with these.


2 Inspiration Sunday...

Sorry friends I am slacking posting this weekend because I am in an all weekend class on mechanical and electrical systems (don't be jealous). I will come back with the credits for these great images later today.
{1} via
{2} via Desire to Inspire
{3} via Real Living
{4} via Plastolux


11 Project Runway

I completely forgot to blog about Project Runway last week, I was so overstimulated by all of the shows. For those of you who don't know...this is my most favorite TV show ever, and the only one I blog about. These are my favorites from last week. What do you think? Favorites?

2 Lake House From Dwell

3 Wood Magnetic Shelves


2 Hugo Guinness

New work from Hugo Guinness...one day I will own one or two of these.

1 Bar Cart Inspiration...

This post is halfway about inspiration for my new apartment and halfway about not wanting to accept that this summer is already coming to an end...
Images from Domino.


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