0 Louis Reith Prints

I'm really loving these prints from Louis Reith available at Little Paper Planes.

Found thanks to Design*Sponge.

0 Dublin Terrace

I really like this this Victorian terrace in Dublin owned by Architects Catherine Crowe and Gavin Wheatley.  The black, white, and wood palette, well lit rooms, and those great shelves in the dining room are great.  And why do I feel like everyone but me has that great fireplace?

0 Community Shop @ Commune

I can't stop thinking about this image.  It kills me, I love it so much. I want my next house to be designed around this image...

I think I originally saw this at Oh Joy! So I have to give a big thanks to Joy.


2 Dwell On Design...

I wanted to show you some pics of Dwell On Design from earlier today....I promise to come back and add captions and links when I get back to NOLA!

As you can see my favorite part of the exhibition was the outdoor section...it was fun to see the Wooly Pockets in person, they were definitely a big hit.  I also really liked CB2's setup, they were very nice and it was great to get to see the products in person.


2 I'm in LA!

I'm in LA for the next week, so things will be a little light around here while I'm away.  I'm super excited to be going to Dwell on Design, and I hope to have some great new finds to share when I get back.  I'm also going to get to see my little sister dance for the first time in at least a year, so I'm also excited about that {she's attending the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Hip Hop Festival}.  Be sure to follow along with my trip at my twitter account.

Also, while I'm away one of my bffs from NOLA is staying at my house, having a little staycation, and kinda pretending to be me. :)  We are calling her Fake Jess during this adventure.  Follow along with what is going on with Fake Jess at her twitter account. 

Hope you guys have a great week!

PS, How fantastic is that kitchen?  Found thanks to Design Is Mine.


1 Wala Sandals Toast

These Wala Sandals from Toast are so freaking fantastic.  If only they weren't so expensive...

3 Parker Palm Springs Wedding

I love this wedding very much...and you know I'm not a huge wedding fan.

Found thanks to Orange Beautiful. 

2 Marimekko's In Good Company

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted about Marimekko's In Good Company Line.  It is fantastic.



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