2 A Confession

I have to come clean. Occasionally, I will find something amazing or a sale that is so fantastic that I really want it for myself, or I am afraid the sale items will run out before I order, that I don't tell you about it. I am sorry for being selfish.

Now that my sale items have safely arrived from 2Jane, I can tell you that they are having a phenomenal little sale.
Not to worry though, after the very rough month {both financially and emotionally} that we have had, I am declaring May to be a serious no spending month. So I can share the great deals with you, since I won't be able to buy things myself...

3 Dwell Studio for Target Black and White

Oh wait, there is more. The Baroque collection has been expanded from the bedroom to the bathroom...

4 Dwell Studio for Target Black, White, and Yellow

Thank you to Erick and Alison for pointing out that Dwell Studio for Target has new fantastic Black, White, and Yellow Kitchen items...I had not seen them, so thanks!

2 Yellow Floors!

I have been dreaming about have either black or white painted wood floors and debating which I prefer...and then I saw this.


1 The Most Perfect Little Etsy Listing...

0 Thump Thump from Ork Posters

I love the Ork Neighborhood posters. {I am the proud owner of the Chicago b+w version.} This new Thump Thump print is fantastic...I hope they continue exploring other entities besides neighborhoods.

4 Marimekko's New Bags

In true Marimekko style, fantastic and bright with great graphics...um and a little black, white, and yellow!
These can be purchased here and here. See the whole line here.


3 A Whale of a Roundup...tehehe

Have you noticed how many fantastic whale themed items there are on Etsy? I like them.
Please see my favorites for these great items!


1 Frédéric Méchiche’s Le Marais Loft

When Door Sixteen featured Frédéric Méchiche’s Le Marais loft last week, I almost died. All the graphic black and white with the vintage Mid-Century Modern furniture and warm wood...perfection.

2 Shopkeeper Vintage Paper Pack

Shopkeeper Vintage Paper Pack from Hidden Library...If you had given me something like this when I was little, I would have peed my pants in excitement. I'm not going to lie...it still excites me. Sometimes at work, when I need a little reprieve, I go stand in the supply closet at marvel at the fact that I have access to anything I want. It is an especially good day when one of the old people have cleaned out their office and there are vintage goodies in there. {This is where Kelli got my fantastic vintage radio.}


1 Quilt Love...

I have had a strong desire to own a quilt {or maybe make one of my own} for quite a while now. This orange, black, and white is completely amazing. {There are quite a few amazing looking items on that shelf.} Images from here, a great blog {well, I don't actually know what it says, but the pictures are pretty} which I discovered via Desire to Inspire.


1 I'm off...

I'm off to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara for the weekend for a much needed getaway after several stressful weeks. It will be wonderful to see my family and get a little rest and relaxation...and maybe a little shopping too.

Images from: Jena Ardell


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