4 The Perfect {Black, White, and Yellow} Kitchen...

I can't even talk about this...it is so completely perfect.

Thanks to Elina from Finland for letting me know about this little slice of heaven, and introducing me to another amazing  blog, Hello Tiger!

4 The Heads of State City Posters

The Heads of State City Posters...I love these so much, especially the Chicago print.

Thanks Kristina!


1 Crisp White with Yellow Touches...

Crisp White with Yellow Touches...always good.

Via: {Frolic!} + Sfgirlbybay

2 Steamline Luggage

I can't remember who I am supposed to be blaming for this obsession...one of my blog friends who very recently purchased a Yellow Bag from the Editor Series {middle image} from Steamline Luggage.  Now, I have seen these before, and very intentionally ignored their amazingness.  But now those Yellow Aviator Bags {left image}are screaming my name.  Normally I would not listen due to their price tag, but right now they are 40% off.  Unfortunately only the three smaller sizes are available, and although they are a great deal I can't decide if the larger of the three {the Overnighter} would be a useful size or not....dilema, dilema...


3 {Black.White.Yellow.} Blog It Forward - What Inspires You?

Oh no, you will have to forgive me, I am late for my Blog It Forward Post!  I had to reschedule one of my ARE exams due to a fluke power outage and my reschduled test was yesterday...it was a bit stressful, and the fantastic Blog It Forward slipped my mind...sorry! I'm going to start this now, and add to it over the next couple of days.

What Inspires You? is a difficult question for me to answer in a single post.  I started this blog for that exact reason, to document things that inspire me.  Certainly all things black, white, and yellow is a given...but there is so much beyond that.  Inspiration is therapy for me...almost a drug, I am addicted to finding new inspiration constantly...which is why the design blog world has changed my life {not to be overly dramatic}.
One of my first sources of inspiration that is still a huge part of my life is art and architecture.  I was lucky enough to grow up in Fort Worth, Texas about 10 minutes away from the Louis Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum, Tadao Ando's Modern Art Museum, and Philip Johnson's Amon Carter Museum.  The influence of the art and architecture was always so intriguing to me, even before I really understood what it meant, or how it would influence my life. {This is such an important part of my life, I did my Master's Thesis project in the cultural district of Fort Worth, spending a year analyzing every detail of the area and using it as inspiration for my thesis design...I have a Master's in Architecture with a minor in Art History btw.}

Design magazines have also played a huge part in my life over the years. I think I started subscribing to Architectural Digest when I was about 12. Although I no longer enjoy it as a source of inspiration, it definitely started the wheels turning when I was younger. I have many, many inspiration binders in my house filled with pages torn from design magazines...especially Domino and Blueprint. I still get sad thinking that they are gone, as I spent many happy hours pouring over the pages of each issue. I love going back through my binders regularly, and always find inspiration to revisit.

To be continued...

2 Maria Alexandra Vettese

Styling and photography from Maria Alexandra Vettese...so so lovely.

Via: {Frolic!}

0 External Stimuli : Chicago Based Art House - Struggle Inc.

I am pretty much in love with everything that Chicago based art house, Struggle Inc. is doing.  Check out the prortfolio here and blog here...

Via: Lost Bird Found

7 Liberty of London Target

Ok, I have to say I was a little bit disappointed in the Liberty of London items at Target. Some of the clothes and bedding were so cute, but the fabrics and cuts were so wrong. I think sometimes they underestimate Target shoppers, I would be willing to pay more for these items if they were made of nicer materials, and I'm guessing other people would too. 

I did end up picking up some of the black, white, and yellow dishwear.  The nesting bowls are ceramic, but  I really wish they would stop doing the dinnerwear in melamine.

What did you think? Pick up anything good?


2 Silverlake Remodel

Architect Roger Sherman transformed this formerly nondescript clapboard and stucco box in Silverlake {one of my favorite parts of Los Angeles, by the way} into a Neutra inspired home. 
Via: LA Times

2 I won the Giveaway!

I am so super excited to have won the Maranon Peacock Fan Necklace Giveaway from sweet Sarah and Brian of Westervin . I am completely obsessed with these unique necklaces...

I can't wait to wear it....thank you!!!

4 Drybar

Drybar has an interesting concept {a salon that offers blowouts only with a bar style menu- and cocktails!} but an even better design...
From Apartment Therapy


5 Another Lovely Map

Uh oh...those who can't resist adorable maps should skip this post. :)

The Places on Earth Map created for You Me and the Royal We by Oliver Jeffers is simply lovely. I LOVE that the print is done from a hand drawn map and includes 202 map pins to chart the places that you have been and want to go as well as bulldog clips for hanging it. Perfect...

Via: Apartment Therapy

6 Do you think Emily and Meeko might let me move in?

I was so sad to hear that Kirsten from Simply Grove has lost her wedding ring {I hope you find it!!}, but so happy that she lead me to this amazing house tour on Apartment Therapy.  I think Emily and Meeko and I would be good friends...


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