0 Brevity Lines

I adore the Lines collection of necklaces from Brevity. Inspired by Native American symbols and the simple elegance of a line.  These totally could have been part of my inspiration board for my studio apartment.

Found thanks to The Scoop.

2 Aphro Chic Shop

I am absolutely loving Aphro Chic's Shop. Her collection of wallpaper, pillows, shower curtains, and table linens are so perfectly graphic and bright.

5 A Caftan!?

Look what Kristina found: Temperley London's Domitia Two-Tone Caftan.  I mean everyone needs a caftan...right!? This has to be the one for me.  Does it perhaps remind you of my favorite inspiration image? {Yes, I found another reason to post this image...thanks Kristina!}


0 Meet My Newest Advertiser: Benefit Jewels Vintage

I'm happy to introduce my newest advertiser: Benefit Jewels Vintage. A great Etsy shop featuring vintage housewares.  Megon has a fantastic sale of 35% off of everything in the store going on until Dec. 14, use the code HOLIDAYCHEER during checkout.  A fantastic shop and great deal!

2 West Elm Origami Ceramics

Origami banks and origami ornaments from West Elm.

1 Lenneke Wispelwey Ceramics

Remember these great cupcake stands?  Lenneke Wispelwey also has a fantastic line of ceramics with great origami-ish forms. I'm looking forward to seeing the new "Lost in Happiness" line too...

3 Pentagon Dodecahedra Forms from Gerard Caris

Pentagon Dodecahedra Forms from Gerard Caris...you should check out his website.  I am so fascinated with the progression of his work.

Found thanks to Design For Mankind.


2 Laurie Lipton

I know this doesn't quite fit with my usual aesthetic, but I cannot stop thinking about this drawing, Leashed Passion, from artist Laurie Lipton.  The level of detail is unbelievable...


0 Louis the Third from 20x200

Doesn't this great print from 20X200 remind you of this Anthropologie rug?

1 Fantastic Book Cases....

Love those bookcases, absolute perfection.

{That coffee table needs to go in the dumpster though, just saying.}

Image from Nuevo Estilo.  Found thanks to Coco +Kelley.

0 Abigail Reynolds

Fantastic artwork by Abigail Reynolds....very unique and interesting work.  I would love to see it in person.
Found thanks to BOOOOM.


0 Cozy Modern Room with Fireplace

This looks like the perfect place to curl up after Thanksgiving dinner...

Found thanks to Escapade.

2 Glen O'Bren Home from the Selby

Glen O'Bren Home from the Selby...um yes.  I like this space. A lot.

0 Letterbox Co. Store

Letterbox Co. Store...oh fantastic.

I have such a special place in my heart for math flash cards.  I was so good at the around the classroom flash card game when I was little, it was my favorite.

Found thanks to Pure Green Living Magazine. {Have you seen it? Another great e-magazine.}



0 Thereza Rowe

More fun graphic artwork, this time from London based Thereza Rowe...

2 South Minneapolis

Andrew Blauvelt and Scott Winter's home in South Minneapolis designed by Julie Snow. Will I ever tire of concrete walls? I think not.

Found thanks to Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks.

1 Marni Gilder

Artwork from Marni Gilder.  Bold, graphic, bright....love it!

Found thanks to The Design Files.


1 Patternity Tights

I love a good tight.  These are fantastic.

From Patternity.  Found thanks to All The Mountains.

0 Stroh Haus

A Swiss house designed by Felix Jerusalem composed of a concrete core and compressed straw walls.  The interior is in need of some furniture, but features a fantastic color palette and an awesome floating fireplace.

Found thanks to Dwell.

0 Sam Made

Fantastic Bags from Sam Made Etsy Shop...love these, especially the Write! one...

Found thanks to Poppytalk.


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