5 Hunter Wellingtons

Um, I could really use some Hunter Wellingtons to wear with my new dress tomorrow...I'm going to search for some after work.  I hope they fit my shapely calves...

*Update* Unfortunately our search was unsuccessful.  Apparently everyone had the same idea, and they are all sold out.  But I will get them eventually....

0 Frankie Mini Dress from J Crew

I am obsessed with my new perfect little Jazz Fest dress...the Frankie Mini Dress from J Crew

0 Garden Inspiration

A little gardening inspiration from Foras Studios {they do lovely work, check out their portfolio.}....my idea of a perfect garden for an OCD Modernist {and I mean that as a good thing} 

Found again thanks to Cup of Jo.

2 Random Happy...

I feel like we could all use some random happiness on this Friday...
{1} Mr Boddington found thanks to Design Is Mine
{2} Coco Amardeil found thanks to Decor 8
{3} Yellow Vintage Rotory Telephone from Anthropologie
{4} Fantastic Yellow Banquette from I have no idea because I accidentally overwrote the name with the source for this great image...do you know?
{5} Stackable Yellow Bowls from The Curiosity Shoppe
{6}Vagina Cupcakes found thanks to Design for Mankind
{7} Cups from Rice found thanks to Made by Girl


1 Flor Flora...

I'm absolutely loving Flor's new {or at least it's new to me, I don't remember seeing it before} Flora rug...inspired by Alexander Girard.  I think the Petal colorway would be perfect for a little girl's room.

1 Apartment Therapy Small Cool Inspiration {Adam in Houston}

Small Cool 2010: Adam's Art Showcase...There are some great homes in the Small Cool Contest this year.  I will be featuring a few of them here over the next week or so.


2 Clean, Light Filled Inspiration...

Uh huh...

From Bolig. Found thanks to Simply Grove.

2 Helmut the Black and White Striped Whale

Um...this whale would like to come live with me...NOW.

0 Eames Blocks from House Industries

How could my Future Hypothetical Child not have Eames Blocks to play with?

Speaking of my Future Hypothetical Child...did you see this one dressed in American Apparel? She could totally be my child she looks so much like me...

Found thanks to See Saw Designs.


1 {365} A Drawing A Day Project: February Edition {Doodles}

A selection of my drawings from my {365} A Drawing A DayProject...Check out my flickr collection to see the rest.

Ok, I realize it is April and I am just showing you my February drawings...I've gotten a little behind especially with the month of March.  I'm caught up in April though and I can't wait to show you those, I feel like I'm developing.  I also decided each month should have a theme.

January Edition {Things I See}
February Edition {Doodles}
March Edition {Architecture}...this one will be a work in progress.
April Edition {Imaginary Flowers}...to come soon.

0 Inspiration Sunday...

I think it is about time I resumed Sunday Inspiration posts...

{1} Scandinavian Interiors Book via Design*Sponge
{2} axis%20mundi5...hmm, I usually try to rename images when I save them to give myself a clue where they came from...this is all I've got for this one.  Any ideas?
{3} My idea of a perfect dining room via delight by design via Wide Open Spaces
{4} A little too far on the traditional side, but I love the rug, the baseboards, the wallpaper, and the overside photographic print...via The City Sage


2 Poketo Los Angeles, I'm Yours...

If I were in LA this weekend I would totally go to this.

I wish I were...

Also, that second image convinces me once again that I need a black wall in my future.

3 Weekly Flowers...

Weekly flowers from the farmer's market...


0 Pavilion designed by Beijing studio HHD_FUN for Shanghai

Pavilion designed by Beijing studio HHD_FUN for Shanghai, with a surface composed of triangles, divided and divided again in a fractal pattern....this is awesome.

Found thanks to Lost Bird Found.

2 A Swedish Home for Sale

Images from a home for sale in the small Swedish town Eskilstuna...um how freaking fantastic?
Found thanks to Emmas Design Blog, click over to see more great images.

3 The Brass Razoo...

Beautiful photography of a lovely store...

Photography by Amber Fischer of The Brass Razoo in Boise.  From the lovely Simply Grove.

1 Measure Me Stick

Measure Me Stick from Studio 1 AM
Found thanks to See Saw Designs


3 Circle Felt Garland

Happy circle felt garland...I need something nice and happy to make it through this day.

From The Purl Bee. Found thanks to Hello Tiger!

1 Images from a Bohemian DIY Wedding

Images from a Bohemian DIY wedding that took place at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  I love so many things about this celebration: the welcome table with its fantastic bunting, the most appropriate use of the For Like Ever print, the flowers, the table setting....awesome.
From Once Wed.  Found thanks to Cup of Jo.

0 Feminine + Masculine

Feminine + Masculine from Delicious Design League

Found thanks to See Saw Designs.


1 Moonwatch by The Emotion Lab

Moonwatch by The Emotion Lab...I feel like I should have this.

A wristwatch that tells what phase the moon is in. Designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person's emotional states, "It's a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth."

The Moonwatch also shows the time with a push of a button which switches between the two interfaces, time and moon phase. During the day the time is indicated with a black background and during the night the interface changes to white in order to improve visibility.

Found thanks to Mocoloco.

2 Black and White Kitchen Inspiration

Black and White Kitchen Inspiration from Skona Hem.  Those square wall cabinets kill me... Found thanks to Emmas Design Blog


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