6 More Great Things from West Elm:

West Elm is seriously getting creative...and I like it.

I promise they don't pay me, but at this rate maybe they should.

1 MESH Architects Courtyard House

I love looking through the portfolio's of other architects.  The creativity and ingenuity is so inspiring.

The Courtyard House from MESH Architects is really great.  I love that the house is organized around a central courtyard, and I adore that front facade.

Found thanks to Desire To Inspire.

0 Magpie and Rye

Really good things from Magpie and Rye.  If I didn't already have an ipad cover that I really liked, I would definitely buy that one.


2 Boo and Boo Factory Etsy Shop

Christina was kind enough to introduce herself, and her fantastic Etsy Shop Boo and Boo Factory the other day.  I ADORE her work, described as colorful geometric leather jewelry hand made with lots of love.  Be sure to check out her great work here.

1 Kate Spade Black White and Yellow

Dear Kate,
Shall I just go ahead and have our accounting department write my paycheck directly to you?

5 Dwell Studio Trellis

Dwell Studio has brought back their Trellis design...and I think I might get it.  I've been dreaming of the Draper Stripe for so long, but I think it's just really out of my price range. Maybe pairing the Trellis duvel with West Elm's Striped sheets instead.  Hmmm, can't quite decide...what do you think?


2 Black and Architectural from West Elm

West Elm is really hitting the mark these days, don't you think?  These items are definitely on my wish list...I'm going to go check out that lamp in person.  For $150, if it is good quality, it seems like a steal.

2 A Scandinavian Apartment in New York

A fantastic Scandinavian apartment in New York...

Found thanks to Skona Hem.

1 Wooden Desk Organizers

I had randomly come across these fantastic wooden desk organizers from Less is More a while ago and saved them to my favorites.  They have since made the rounds in the blog world, and I still think they are completely fantastic.  I can't quite decide which is my favorite...what do you think?

I'm moving them to my seriously consider buying wish list.


2 Inspiration Sunday...

Lovely inspiration. One day I want one of those daybeds.

Found thanks to Tomboy Design.


4 I've Got a Little Black, White, and Yellow Bug

Actually, I have ear infections in both ears and possibly strep throat.  I didn't want you guys to think I decided to stay in Vegas to become a show girl.  I'm just feeling not so hot...

Found thanks to Creature Comforts.


3 I'm Off...


I'll be taking a little blogging break for the next few days to join by best friends from New Orleans in Vegas...I'm super excited.
 So in addition to my birthday, guess what else happened this week?  I hit 2,000 posts on the blog and 1,000 followers on Twitter! Crazy!  

This image is not of Vegas, but I've been meaning to post it.  I think it is AMAZING.  It's the crater lake of Maly Semyachik Volcano.  The azure blue coloring is caused by the acidic water.  Found thanks to The Vamoose.


6 Tokketok Letterpress Studio

Tokketok Letterpress Studio. Love.

Also thought these were appropriate, because today is my 29th birthday!

Found thanks to Design Crush.


0 Moofus Prints

I posted about the artwork of Moofus a while back, but I think it might be about time to pick up a few of his prints.  The Beach House is still my favorite.

0 Kahler Cammeo Storage Pots

Kahler Cammeo Storage Pots...I don't know what I would do with these exactly, but I love them.


3 Two Things I'm Going to Need from Bookhou:

Triangle Tote Bag + Lines Storage Box.  Add these to the wish list.

1 Toro Lounge Chair from Blu Dot

Have we sat in this yet? And by we, I mean you.  I'm really liking it, and I'm curious about the comfort.  I need a leather something in my next apartment and this could be it. I also really like that they are called Night and Day, but I kind of wish they would get together and have an offspring that had a black frame and natural leather seat.

1 Yoran Morvant

These are rocks.  Rocks with great little hand drawn patterns.  I love them.

Found thanks to Design Crush.


1 Ogetti Stone Trunk

Oh hello lovely geometric black and white stone trunk...

0 Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration from For Me, For You...I'm loving the combination of the graphics of vintage kilim, the modern geometric blanket, and the classic striped bedding. See what I mean, a mish mash of styles, that is what I like.

Found thanks to The Brick House Tumblr.

0 Deadweight Cards

Love these cards from Deadweight. Love.

Found thanks to Design Crush.


1 Sabrina Linn Loft

Ok, smaller but still not gone...but this has a mid century modern edge too. Oh look and a wall of low storage with the tv and lots of art.

Designer Sabrina Linn's lovely loft.  Found thanks to Escapade.

1 Hollywood Regency Apartment

There are a lot of things that I really, really like about this New York City Apartment.  

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want my next apartment to look like, and what my style is. Part of me would really like to be able to say that my style is _______ (fill in the blank with one style, wrapped neatly in a bow).  But the reality is my style, or at least what I would like my style to be, is definitely a conglomeration of a number of number of different styles.  I think over the years the Hollywood Regency slice of the pie is still holding strong, but has definitely gotten smaller.  

I should try to illustrate said pie.  That could be interesting.

From Elle Decor. Styling by JC Garcia-Lavin. Photography by William Waldron.

1 Robindira Unsworth Rings

I am really, really loving these rings from Robindira Unsworth.  I think these two may make the top of my birthday list.


0 Paper Office Organizer

These are simple, and utilitarian, and I like them.

Found thanks to A Merry Mishap.

2 A House in Brooklyn With Great Storage

I'm just really feeling like I HAVE to have a long wall of low storage in my next apartment.  Let's say a little prayer that I will be blessed with the perfect floor plan to make this happen...

Oh, and maybe a great yellow chair too.

A House Grows in Brooklyn from Dwell. 


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