5 Katherine May Quilts and Upholstery

Katherine May Quilts and Upholstery...ugh, every time I see great quilts it makes me want to make one SO bad.  Making a quilt is very much on my life list.

Found thanks to Happy Mundane.

11 My New LA Room

It just occurred to me that I haven't shown you guys my new room in LA.  This is the room that my sister and I share in our townhouse in LA.  It used to be her room that I stayed in for visits, now it is my room that she stays in when she comes home from college.  It has been a mess, because my dad gutted our attached bathroom last November and has been VERY slowly working on it since. (hence the empty door frame in the last pic)

This is a temporary place for me to live, so I wanted to incorporate enough of my things to feel like home, but not go too overboard.  The floor plan is totally wonky because we need two beds and the walls are interrupted with all sorts of doors and nooks.  I still need a fantastic rug, and a bookshelf to go on the little wall to the left and behind the tv wall.  I haven't really put together my little vignettes yet.  Also, these photos are kind of horrible, you will have to forgive me.

I absolutely adore my vintage dresser that we picked up in Palm Springs.  I look forward to shopping Craigslist and estate sales while I'm here to hopefully get some more great vintage furniture for my next apartment.  My plan is to live here probably until next summer, or until my roommate comes home :) and then find an apartment of my own.  That way I can save up for something great.

I scored those fantastic Michael Kors sheets at TJ Maxx. You can't see the design in these photos, but they are essentially as smaller scale version of the same patterns as the curtains, but in turquoise and white.  I'm also pretty impressed white those black storage shelves.  We have had those forever (I actually asked Santa for them when I was like 12...I've always been this way), and were planning on getting rid of them.  However the closet isn't all that big, we needed more storage, and having the beds in the L-shape (which I like because it feels like a bed and a couch) creates an awkward narrow space where they fit perfectly.  So, we kept them, got two more shelves, and filled them with canvas bins for storage.  Then, I hung my favorite giant Stendig calendar (which stills shows that its August, but anyway) on the front to hide everything.

So what do you think?  It's not perfect, but if you saw the condition it was in when I arrived...whew! I've worked wonders.  My sister visited last weekend and said, "wow, it looks just like your apartment but all in one room." Haha....

0 Cursive Design Falling Color

I absolutely love my Cursive Design necklace {a birthday gift from Kelli, thanks again!} so I was so excited to see this project that Sarah created as a window display for Orange Beautiful in Chicago. It is completely fantastic.


0 Cork...

So my dad has this office where he wraps fishing rods, that we call the man cave.  I hang out there with him for an hour or two most days until my mom gets home and we have dinner together.  It's strange and wonderful being at home with my parents.  This is the first time it has been just the three of us since my sister was born almost 20 years ago. But I digress....

So, my dad wraps these fishing rods which means he tediously wraps threads in patterns around the rods, puts on the guides, and epoxy.  There are about 50,000 other steps involved too.  It's tedious, but its actually kinda awesome and artistic. He also has all these vintage rods and supplies...yesterday my job was to move all these vintage cork handles into an new box.  I lined them all up and they looked awesome.

It's too bad I'm so smart in a way, I would have been really fantastic at a very repetitive like factory job or something. I find repetition and organization very relaxing. Haha...

0 The Treasury Table

The Treasury Table ...clever and useful.  This would make a fantastic craft table.

1 Prue Roscoe

Awesome house. Awesome.  

Found thanks to Aubrey Road.

0 Cheeky Boxes

I'm not always a fan of quirky bookshelves, but I like these Cheeky Boxes designed by Luci Koldova.

Found thanks to Apartment Therapy.



3 Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring...love.

A beautiful vintage 9ct yellow Gold three tier Sapphire and Diamond cluster ring, comprising of a beautiful .2ct claw set, oval cut Sapphire. Surrounded by 12 Brilliant Cut Diamonds in the next two tiers, all set in a raised, open back white Gold gallery. Circa 1920.

0 Sixx Design Inspiration...

I love Sixx Design, and I love this image.  See more at Holley & Gill's great post on them here.

0 Vintage Graphic Sequin Tunic

This is f'ing fantastic.

Vintage Graphic Sequin Tunic from Persephone Vintage


3 La Casa Azul House Tour from Poppytalk

La Casa Azul, the home of Geninne Zlaktis, located in Queretaro, Mexico is completely stunning...see more at the House Tour on Poppytalk and at her blog here.

1 Stylist Lo Bjurulf

More from stylist Lo Bjurulf...this time in hues of blue and green {featuring products from Ikea}.  I absolutely  love those vases with the veggies on top for some reason...


2 Thin Black Lines

Thin Black Lines Chair from Nendo...

Found thanks to Lotta Agaton.

0 Closet, er...Dressing Room Inspiration...

These dressing rooms blow my mind they are so fantastic...one day, one day.

Image 1: From Living Etc. Magazine.
Image 2: From the September Issue of House and Home Magazine.  Found thanks to Simply Grove and The City Sage.

0 Bhalo Silk Sack Dress...

I've seen this dress from Bhalo on a few blogs lately {most recently at Ladies & Gentlemen Home} and I just keep thinking about it.  I might have to have it.

Those scarves are pretty adorable too...


0 13 Inch Ruler

I just ordered this awesome vintage black and white 13 inch ruler from Etsy...I found all kinds of good finds today! More on my others later...

2 Vintage Ring from Erie Basin

Dear Future Husband,
I want this ring.  I've never liked a ring so much in my life.  I hate that everyone's engagement rings look exactly alike.  I want this one.


1920's Art Deco 0.98ct European Platinum Diamond Ring from Erie Basin.


1 Kate Spade Connect Four Make Up Bags

Um Kate...I'm going to need a couple of these.

0 This Morning I'm Loving...

Terrain's Vintage Iron & Wood Sawhorse Table...everything in this shop is fantastic.  This table is a tad on the rustic side for me, but I think its lines are clean enough that it would compliment a variety of styles...

The table is expensive, but Terrain has some very affordable fantastic items too, like this Weck Juice Jar Set {4 for $24}, a Chalkboard Jam Pot {$18}, Perfectly Pickled Jar {$8},


5 Victoria Smith {SFGirlByBay} Home Tour in Rue Magazine

One of my favorite parts of the completely awesome Rue Magazine that launched this morning is Victoria Smith of SFGirlByBay's fantastic home tour...there are so many great elements to this house, I don't even know where to start.


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