0 New Year's Decor: Tissue Tassel Garlands

I thought it would be fun to feature some New Year's Decor this week...maybe a little reference guide for next year.  

These Tissue Tassel Garlands from Everly Land Design are so fun.  This one is called Gold Rush, but there are so many awesome options.

Also, you might try making your own using this great guide.


0 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends!

So... I didn't really intend to take such a long break from the blog.  Or even a break at all for that matter.  It just kind of happened.  I think I needed to just live in real life and kind of go with the flow for a while.  I hope this new year will bring a new balance to my life and allow me to getting back to doing the things that I love and have brought me pleasure over the years as well as finding new sources of inspiration and happiness. I hope the new year brings great things to your life too! 



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