4 Coco Mini Pendant

Coco Mini Pendant designed by Australian designer, Kate Stokes.

I almost feel like I should change the name of this blog to Black, White, and Wood.

Or maybe Black, White, and Leather.


I won't, but these combinations are totally what is inspiring me these days.

Available from Merchant No. 4


0 Balloon Shakers

This is what designer Masayuki Kurokawa has to say about Balloon Shakers: 
Traditionally, salt and pepper shakers have one hole for pepper and three holes for salt and the container is usually opaque so the contents inside can not be seen. The concept behind the Balloon Shakers was so you can see what's inside the shaker as it can be used for not only salt and pepper, but all kinds of seasonings.

I think these are pretty fantastic. 

From Merchant no. 4 (I LOVE this shop, by the way.) 


2 Black, White, and Wood Kitchen Inspiration

I am obsessed with this kitchen.

From the portfolio of photographer Stuart McIntyre.  Found thanks to Desire to Inspire. 

1 Moon Phase Calendar

I've always been interested in and fascinated by the moon and the impact it has on our planet and people...but even more so lately...So I'm very excited about this Moon Phase Calendar designed by Irwin Glusker that I ordered from MoMA yesterday...I can't wait to find a great spot for it.


2 Bernadette Pascua and Andrew Stinson

This place is just ridiculous.  I love the balance of the crisp white and the moody darkness, very elegant.  Well done.

Bernadette Pascua and Andrew Stinson's Sneak Peek from Design Sponge.

1 From the Portfolio of Paul Raeside

 Eclectic and awesome. Yes, yes, yes. 

From the Portfolio of Paul Raeside. Found thanks to Desire To Inspire.


0 Brenner Residence

The Brenner Residence is an excellent example of a modern addition that works well, and doesn't take away from the original architecture.

Addition designed by Gregory Phillips.  Found thanks to Dwell. 

1 Party in a Box

Party in a Box from Amanda Jane Jones...friends take note. This is good. 

Found thanks to Oh Happy Day. 


3 Oh How I Love the Rorschach...

Me and the Rorschach.

From an adventure at LACMA a few weeks ago.


5 Kate Spade Black White and Yellow Shoes

Dear Kate,
I'm not sure if I should hug you or punch you in the face.

Kate Spade Karolina Shoes. Found thanks to Ansley Beshere...thanks Ansley!


1 Fluorescent Accents

I think our house needs a few more fluorescent accents (and some awesome wood floors) like this house. 

Found thanks to Bloesem.

2 Cavern Tapestry Arrow Wallpaper

Cavern Tapestry Arrow Wallpaper,,, um I'm going to need this.

Found thanks to Poppytalk. 


0 Hotel Americano

Hotel Americano designed by Ten Arqitectos and Arnaud Montigny.  I think I would like to stay here. Very much.

Found thanks to See Saw Designs and Plastolux.

1 Uniform Wares Watches

I still completely love my Uniform Wares 100 Series watch that I got for Christmas last year. (I wear it everyday.) I really think I would like to have one of these 200 Series to add to my collection...now which one to choose...


1 Made a Mano Tile

I'm loving these tiles and these kitchens from Made A Mano.  That black, white, and grey on gives me some ideas for my parent's townhouse. 

Found thanks to The Style Files. 

1 Pendant Wire Lamp

Pendant Wire Lamp from Something From Us. These are good. 

Found thanks to Simply Grove.




0 Dwell Studio

You guys know I've always a big fan of Dwell Studio, but they are seriously rocking my socks off right now.  Simply amazing.

0 Dwell Studio Almond Inks Rug

Oh this one is good too. 

Dwell Studio Almond Inks Rug


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