0 Reading Material {Domino: The Book of Decorating}

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm feeling very under the weather today {a nasty sinus infection...yuck}. So, I picked up some reading material to read on the couch this weekend...

I would love to hear/see everyone's Halloween activities....


3 Jenna Lyons House Tour from Domino

Jenna Lyons House Tour from Domino....um yeah its black, white, and yellow and fabulous. And she has a drool worthy ROOM for all her fabulous J Crew clothes...envy right here.

And thanks to Catherine for letting me know about this house tour! {My issues of Domino always come late...}

3 York Town Road Pleated Bags

York Town Roads has combined organic colors and pleats into some seriously awesome bags. They would be so perfect for winter and fall...


6 No, no I play for me! {My new Nintendo DS}

Actually, I made another purchase this weekend that I need to tell you about. This may come as a surprise to those who know me, but I bought a Nintendo DS. It is sexy and white and as of now contains only one game, Brain Age 2, and I am totally obsessed.

Now, I believe very strongly that advertisements for the most part do not really effect me. Until this weekend the only exception has been Apple, which seems to have reached into my brain and figure out exactly what to say to get me to want to buy every new product they come out with. These new Nintendo commercials featuring America Ferrara and Liv Tyler can now be added to this list. They just looked like they were having so much fun, and I wanted in. After some post-purchase research I have found that Nintendo is targeting adult women specifically in their new campaign for the Nintendo DS handheld console by spotlighting the above mentioned celebrities. {There is even a site devoted to the cause: The I Play for Me Boutique} Well done Nintendo....and now I'm off to play some more!

0 Etsy Purchase {From Junkculture}

I just made an Etsy Purchase from seller Junk Culture that I am super excited about:

A Vintage glass flour jar that will look fantastic with my vintage P jar...

and Retro Mod White Metal Hand Bookends that are very similar to Jonathan Adler's bookends from Barnes and Noble. Except these are way cooler because they are vintage and white...
I can't wait for them to arrive!


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