1 Last Weekend Recap

I have to sneak in last weekend/weeks recap before this one starts!  I've had annoying computer and internet issues this week that have slowed me down, but that's ok.  So some highlights from the past week:

1. The weather was weird the past week in LA, this thick fog rolled in and you couldn't see anything, and then it rained, but there were also periods of beautiful sunshine.  We liked that part.
2. Brit now has an awesome hanging herb garden on our patio, that we are really excited about. It required some interesting and awesome items...like a machete (not really, it's a folding hand saw, but that's what we are calling in) and neon zip ties.
3.  We also got more succulents and cacti (because we didn't have enough already) and did some planting.
4.  Including planting a new aloe vera in my newest  Perch! Campy Planter...I love them so much!
5.  I also got some new Russell and Hazel Binders (I'm obsessed with the yellow one) and a BKR water bottle.  I'm totally guilty of drinking smart water from plastic bottles, because I hadn't found a reusable bottle that I like.  But I think this one might be it. 
6. I had brunch at the Jonathan Beach Club which was delicious and beautiful with great company.  Then I spent some time at my parent's house and got to hang out with my favorite doggie, Tilly. My dad started a vegetable garden while we were there, and my mom was cleaning the pool area.  One of my next tasks is going to be to design their pool/outdoor area, including landscaping and furniture.  The view is awesome, and I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there this summer.


0 Coffou Cottage

Although I am totally craving spring/summer, I think the gloomy weather in LA right now has me wanting to curl up in a cabin.  This one will do: Coffou Cottage from Brininstool-Lynch Architecture and Design.  

Found thanks to The Marion House Book. 


0 Meet My Newest Advertiser: Nicola Rowlands

I'm so happy to introduce my newest advertiser: Nicola Rowlands and her Etsy shop Ms. Spanner. Nicola has a fantastically fun shop filled with unique cards, geometric jewelry, tea towels, and my favorite pocket manfriends. The shop is just completely awesome and fun...so be sure to check it out!

Also find Nicola at her blog, I Hate Your Shoes.


0 Studio Pieter Stockmans

You know I love a good plate... but graduating sizes and geometric shapes.  Cha cha cha.

From Studio Pieter Stockmans.  See more at Serax Maison

0 String Shelving

So speaking of wood paneling...First, I love a good plywood room.  Second, I think I'm going to need a String Shelf at some point.

Photography by Petra Bindel. Found thanks to SFGirlByBay


1 Jonas Ingerstedt

The home of Swedish photographer Jonas Ingerstedt...so lovely.

Found thanks to The 189. 

3 Mid Century Dining Room

I can't stop thinking about this dining room that I found on Redneck Modern.  My parents recently bought a mid century house with an awesome view, but like many mid century homes it needs some love.  Despite the fact that more than half of the exterior walls are glass curtain walls, all the original wood makes it feel dark.  That's why I think Bret and Mary Peyton's home makes perfect inspiration. They successfully balanced the rich wood paneling with clean shiny whites and bright pops of color. Love the art, by the way. Just perfect.

Originally found thanks to Design Milk's Pinterest.

2 Graphic Bedding

OMG.  I NEED this.

Isleta Duvet Cover, Pillows, and Bedskirt from Anthropologie.



0 Bedside DIY

Weekday Carnival made this awesome bedside lamp/rack from piping pieces.  Kind of genius.  See more here

0 Geometric Solar System Ilustrations

These Solar System Illustrations from Twamies are totally awesome.  


1 New Shoes

So, I'm still pining over these sandals...but since I can't afford $300 sandals, I got these.  Not as fun, but I think I will be able to wear them with a lot, and even to work. I still want a pair with a great color pop though.

Jeffrey Campbell Azores Sandal. 

UPDATE: I wore these yesterday for the first time, and I REALLY like them. 

0 Pink and Gold Triangles

Oh, how about adding some gold and triangles to the hot pink combination.  I like it!

{Row 1} Leather Mouse Pad in Gold from Freshly Picked Richard Artschwager.  Found thanks to All the Mountains.

{Row 2} Triangle Pillow from Urban Outfitters + Geometric Shield Earrings from Hash and Chez

{Row 3} Untitled from Upper Tiny + 3D Triangle Earrings from Loanato


0 Weekend Photos

We didn't leave the house much this weekend...which was kind of nice.  I'll have to share last weekend's jammed pack fun photos soon.

1 Weekly Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in our apartment...Aren't these lovely?  It feels like so long since I've done a weekly flower post.

By the way, do you follow me on instagram?  I will be honest I think pinning away on Pinterest and documenting my life through photos on Instagram, has cut into my blogging time.  I am trying to get better about integrating the three together, but in the meantime feel free to follow me on those sites too.

PS.  Still totally love my yellow Vessel Vase from Perch.   It's such a perfect size (and color!), it has definitely become my go to vase.


1 Dipped Wood Bowls

I'm totally craving items that are dipped with great colors these days, so these bowls are totally doing it for me this morning.

Wood Mini Bowls from Wind and Willow Home.  Found thanks to Oh Joy!


1 Sandra Thomsen Circles

 These Circle Screenprints from Sandra Thomsen are fantastically simple but also make a bold  graphic statement.


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