2 Fabulous Consumerism Fantastic Finds

You may have noticed that it has been a while since I have showed you things that I have purchased...that is because for the most part I haven't purchased anything in a while...which I am quite proud of, but today I made an exception for our special shopping trip for Brit's birthday adventure. {Also my birthday is coming up soon, so I decided I could get myself a couple of presents.} Anyway enough with the explanations, this is what I got:

+ Remember these little numbered canisters from Anthropologie?  Well, when I move to my new apartment, Brit and Ash got me three of them as a gift...today I completed my collection.  I also got a set of adorable hair clips and my total bill was $20. Seriously...

+ I saw this Wooden Planks Jewelry Stand online a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked interesting, but when I saw it in person in the clearance area at Urban Outfitters I was intrigued.  Although it says it is a jewelry stand, I see it as an alernative Christmas Tree...perhaps one that can be displayed year round to show off some of my non-christmas ornaments!? It may need a little bit of modification....more to come on that later.

+ I also got a Nico Skirt from J Crew in faded black.  I have been eyeing this for a while.  I am so tired of wearing jeans and boots and coats...I am ready for some shorter skirts for spring.  They only had one of these skirts in the sale section and it happened to be the exact color I wanted and in my size! Fate!

So a very sucessful shopping day filled with laughter and fun...check, check, check!


4 Map Paper Cuts

Map Paper Cuts from Studio K...I really, really admire the patience that these must take.
Via: The Design Files

3 DIY Headboard Project

A big thanks to Allison of Mod Mischief for finding this!  I knew it was right under my nose...

The DIY headboard project I was referencing yesterday was created by Tess of Cozy Little Cave...who happens to be a talented artist and a sponsor at {Black.White.Yellow.}, so check out her shop!

I love everything about this project...a great way to make a big impact. I also love, love, love her sketch of the room...

1 Synchronicity Stockholm Desktop Collection

Synchronicity Stockholm Desktop Collection from The Container Store...uh huh.


2 Dear Spring...

Dear Spring,
Thank you for visiting for a few days, it was wonderful.  I thought you were here to stay, but the weatherman {whom I have grown to hate} tells me that you weren't quite ready.  I miss you and the warmth, flowers, and happiness that you bring.  Please come back soon...

PS.  Since the mean winter killed half of my beloved succulents, I have many empty pots to fill with beautiful flowers when you return...like these from Sunset Magazine's Easy Organic Flowers Guide

3 Flavor Paper Iris

NOLA based Flavor Paper has an awesome new wallpaper print called Iris...love the nod to Van Gogh.

7 Plywood, Letters, and Paint Art

A great idea for DIY art with a big impact.
From Phil and Amanda's House Tour on Apartment Therapy

I remember seeing another great version with the phrase It's Been a Hard Day's Night used as a headboard...does anyone know what I am talking about?


2 Yellow Necklace

I really love this necklace...a lot.  But, for the life of me I cannot figure out where it is from.  Can anyone help? 
Let me try this again (thanks Emily!).  I really love this necklace from Cursive Design. "a sparkling chain is threaded through a long piece of rope like lace." Simple and beautiful....um and yellow.

2 Diane Bergeron's Home in Melbourne

Diane Bergeron's Home in Melbourne from Vogue Living...amazing.  I love everything about this place.

0 Fabric Collection

These images of I Heart Linen's fabric collection make me very happy....


2 Vintage Yellow Lantern

This just makes me happy.

1 Mardi Gras!

It is alway bittersweet when Mardi Gras comes to an end.  I have to say though that this may be one of my most favorite Mardi Gras seasons ever.  The culmination was Mardi Gras day when we walking in the Saint Anne Parade with one of most favorite co-workers and friend Michael and his lovely wife Tamra.  It was amazing...there are too many pics to post here, but I am working on uploading them to my flickr account.  The theme for our group was music...so we were the Bear(ly) Naked Ladies. I think it cam out super cute {especially considering it was FREEZING outside in the morning}.  If you have never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it is definetly something you should see in your lifetime...


2 More of Sabrina Linn's Awesome House

More of Sabrina Linn's Awesome House...apparently published in Canadian House and Home via Ahn Minh

2 New Items from Ferm Living

Dear Friends and Family,
My birthday is a mere three weeks away and all I WANT THIS BLANKET!!!
It isn't available quite yet...but I am hoping that it will be any day now. Please check here to see if it is.
{I also wouldn't mind having a knitted yellow pouf or a set of these awesome candle holders...just saying.}

Thank you,


4 Inspiration from Sabrina Linn

Organizing inspiration from Stylist Sabrina Linn from Canadian House and Home...love.

1 Award Ribbon Brooches

These just make me happy. From Cake With Giants. Via Bloesem.

Sweet and petit award ribbon brooches, made from handcut paper and felt, in happy splashes of colour. intended for wear on days that need a little brightening.


5 Light and White Inspiration

Again, most of these images aren't really my style, but the clean white with the soft sunlight is very inspiring...
From: Dave Coote Design Portfolio

1 Two Posters That Make Me Happy

Two Posters That Make Me Happy:
1. Architecture After Las Vegas Symposium Poster from Pentagram
2. Art History Poster from Third Drawer Down via Design Milk

This post also means I am back from my Superbowl/Mardi Gras celebration hiatus.  We've had a blast the last couple of weeks.  I can't wait to share to pics with you later this week.  And, I am kinda looking forward to getting back to "normal"...


6 Real Living Sneak Peak

I just saw this sneak Peak for the March issue of Real Living...it looks like it is going to be a good one!

2 Simrin Rose Placemats

Ok, wait one more Valentine-ish post:
These Simrin Rose Placemats from Burke Decor would make fantastic focal points on any table any time of the year...love them.

0 Heart Pencil from PAPERSTORE

I know Valentine's Day is over, but I wanted to sneak this post in while I am not intoxicated at a parade somewhere in NOLA...{read: Mardi Gras is going well.}

I am kinda upset I didn't order any of these Heart Pencil Valentines from PAPERSTORE.  I think they are pretty fantastic.

Via: Even*Cleveland {a blog that I don't talk about very often but I LOVE}


8 Kensington Jacket from Anthropologie...

Um friends, would some one like to loan me $478.00?  I NEED this jacket.

3 Pigeon Post Love Post Cards

I am totally smitten with these post cards from Pigeon Post based on the theme of undying love from myths, folklores and ancient stories from around the world.

Via: Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks


5 Morten Holtum

Very lovely images from photographer Morten Holtum...

Things are going to be a little slow around here for a little bit.  I am in a bit of a Who Dat Haze today {this will likely last a few days, we have the celebration Saint's parade after work tomorrow}. 

It is also Mardi Gras!  Thursday is the Krewe of Muses parade {aka my favorite day of the year...yes better than Christmas} and then Tuesday is Mardi Gras, when we will be marching in the Krewe of Saint Anne.  Plus, some other great parades in between.  AND, I need to finish two costumes for the occasion...I hope to have to great pictures for you next week!


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