3 This Sofa...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I NEED this sofa. Actually I will take this whole room.

Found thanks to and photo by Emmas Design Blog. From her visit to Annedal 2012.


1 Phase Wired Coffee Table

Phase Wired Coffee TableCircular coffee table with smoked grey glass top. Powder coated solid steel tubing frame with sloped angles.

Found thanks to Gregory Hahn's Pinterest. 


0 Bedroom Inspiration

So, I think I may have hinted before that we were having some issues with our apartment.  Basically we have been having a pest control issue for months at this point.  Our little, um...friends, who we lovingly named Rat Ghost and Vern are quite persistent and smart (unlike the management of our complex).  After patiently, but frustratingly, dealing with this problem we have to move out.  So...we have been on a mad hunt to find a new apartment.  

Given this, you can probably understand why I needed some nice calming inspiration today...

1. Found thanks to Emmas Design Blogg.
2. Azzedine Alaia's paris apartment.  Found thanks to SFGirlbyBay via Trendland
3. (Credit to be added)
4. Found thanks to Likainen Parketti.
5.  Found thanks to Skona Hem. 


1 I Need This Table:

Table by Darrell Landrum for Avard American 1950's

Found thanks to Jamie Derringer on Pinterest. 


0 Lou Mora and Sarah Yates Sneak Peek from Design Sponge

I included this image from Lou Mora and Sarah Yates's lovely Los Angeles home in my pool house wish list post, but their home is too good not to share more.  As you know I am a big fan of homes that have black walls, a mix of clean mid century pieces mixed with warm cozier items, and feel really happy without having too much stuff.  This home totally fits the bill.

Images from Sneak Peek: Lou Mora and Sarah Yates on Design Sponge.


0 Browne Street House

This isn't exactly a pool house, more of a house with a pool.  But imagine it on a smaller scale; I think it would work perfectly.  Also, that island is genius.

Browne Street House by Shaun Lockyer Architects.  Found thanks to The Contemporist. 


1 A Pool House in Vermont

This pool house feels a lot warmer and more woodsy than my imaginary pool house is in my head.  But I like it. Love that black kitchen and all the great entertaining space.  

Pool and Pool House in Stowe, Vermont by H. Keith Wagner.  Photography by Westphalen.


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