3 Allie Anne Photography

I have been resisting the urge to copy Ali Loves Curtis's post on Allie Anne photography....but I've decided I can't resist any longer....I am obsessed with these photos. They are perfect...

0 Orange Button Bags + Notecards

These bags from Orange Button make me very happy...I love that the pocket is on the outside, perfect for my pesky cell phone that likes to hide at the bottom of my bags...

I'm also loving these sassy notecards...


1 Domino Paint Inspiration

My favs {most are pages in my inspiration books} from Domino's new gallery of paint in real rooms...this really makes me want to paint our apartment...


2 Motivation {Chicago}

I'm currently studying to take the Architect Registration Exam {so I'll be able to legally say I'm an Architect}. I'm taking part 1 {of 9} this Friday. When we pass all of the parts, my friend Dante and I are going to take a trip to Chicago...until then, I'm collecting motivation...

With my new Apartment Therapy book came the Chicago edition of the Wallpaper City Guides {again, I haven't even had time to open it} and Ms. Dante gave me the Ork Chicago Neighborhood Poster as part of my fabulous birthday present {more pics to come when it gets framed...}

5 The Menu + The CURE!!! Yes, I'm still doing it...sort of...

Alright, I really haven't participated in the Cure much this go round...it just isn't a top priority at this time. But I'm ok with that...many other exciting things are going on right now. But anyway...here is what I did get done today:

New beautiful flower's from the Farmer's Market...I'm not sure what they are called, but I like them...

The Menu continues...the salmon was so good last week, we decided to have it again, with asparagus and dill cucumbers...

and what I'm most proud of...my new Dwell for Target duvet cover is washed and on the bed! Now I just need new curtains... {My copy of the new Apartment Therapy book arrived on Friday...it's on the nightstand waiting for me to have time to read it...}

Also accomplished today:

10, yes ten, loads of laundry

3 loads of dishes {our kitchen was gross...}

took out the trash

vacuumed {including the mattress, which I also flipped}

planned this weeks menu, and went grocery shopping

did half of an alteration on a skirt {I should have finished my kitchen curtain instead...next weekend}

and studied... whew...I'm tired!

1 Friday Lunch with the Girls {Sake Edition}

One of the things that I treasure the most right now is the long lunches that I take with my friends that I work with...it is always a fabulous time filled with laughter, a fantastic end to our stressful work weeks. So I've decided to make this a series...
This week we went to Sake Cafe (our favorite sushi restaurant...their specialty rolls are amazing...}


0 Jim Lambie's ZOBOP!

How upset do you think the manager of our apartment complex would be if I installed ZOBOP! on my floor??


0 The Menu {04.21.08 + 04.23.08}

So far so good on this weeks menu plan...I did go back to Whole Foods today {only the second time this week} to get fish and chicken for tonight and tomorrow. Monday I had Spring Hash with Fried Eggs, Tuesday {I was so tired I forgot to take a picture} was Potato and Onion Flatbread, and today's amazing dinner was Salmon with Asparagus and Goat Cheese. It was incredibly delicious...Oh, and those plates are my favorite EVER...

By the way, a little update on my New Years Resolutions that I made last November...I am doing pretty well...I am an almost vegetarian. I eat fish once or twice a week, and very occasionally I will have a Roast Beef Po-boy {I've probably eaten beef 10 times since making the resolution to become a vegetarian} Ok, and I also sometimes eat bacon, because it still taste really good to me {again maybe 10 times since November.} But overall I have drastically reduced my meat consumption, which I'm really happy about.

Also, I almost always remember my reusable bags at all stores these days {if I don't sometime I punish myself my having to carry what I purchased to the car and I also carry a large purse to compensate...the checkers always look at me like I'm an alien, but I don't care} Our large stash of plastic bags under the sink that we use as trash bags is all but gone...


4 Friday Lunch with the Girls {Baru Edition}

We ate at a fantastic restaurant on Friday for Kelli's Birthday...Baru, a latin carribean tapas bistro. The food {ceviche, guacobello, mazorca, atun salad, and corn fritters} was amazing, but these drinks were to die for. Mine was a mango ginger spritzer...my new drink of choice...just please add some vodka...

2 Reusable Birthday Pennant Banner

Last week was my good friend Kelli's Birthday, so I decided to make her a reusable birthday pennant banner to hang in her office. It was really a fun and easy project that I would totally recommend...

Step 1: Make a template for you pennants from paper.

Step 2: Cut the felt. The rotary cutter turned out to be the fastest way to do this. I used four colors and made 8 of each color, but you can adjust this depending on the length you want your banner to be.

Step 3: Hot glue the side of the triangles together. Be sure to leave about an inch open at the fold so that step 4 is possible.

Step 4: Thread the pennants onto cotton rope. I taped a chopstick to the end of the rope to make the threading easier.

Step 5: Use a dab of hot glue to fix the pennants to the rope so they don't slip.

Step 6: Hang...and enjoy!


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