4 Danish Loft Apartment

Gorgeous apartment inspriation: Danish Loft Apartment from Living Etc.

1 Faceted Drawer Pulls

Faceted Drawer Pulls from Pigeon Toe Ceramics...awesome. I am going to need a few of these.

I HOPE to be back to a near normal blogging schedule this week. We made a lot of progress on the apartment this weekend, but still lots to do. I thought I might be able to sneak in a few preview pics, but that didn't quite happen...hopefully soon!


Please forgive me for the lack of posts.  I miss you guys and blogging so very much.  Unfortunately this move has taken more time and energy that I would like (isn't that always the case).  And to make matters worse, we are having all kinds of problems getting our cable/internet installed...so we are internetless for the time being!

I can't wait to share images of my new apartment soon.  I even have a great giveaway for you guys.  I look forward to blogging on a regular basis again! 

Miss you guys, hope everyone is well!

Photography by Matthew Brandt...love his work!


7 The Black Wall in Progress...

I need one more coat, but it's looking good.

8 New Apartment Inspiration: The Bedroom

Inspiration for my new bedroom...black wall is happening as we speak!

{1} Found thanks to Luxe and Lillies (not credited unfortunately...anyone know?)
{2} From Kikki.K. Found thanks to Designspiration. 
{3} Found thanks to Busy Being Fabulous. 
{4} From  stylist James Leland Day.  Found thanks to Desire to Inspire. 
{5} The home of stylist Jo Carmichael. Found thanks to The Design Files.
{6} From Dwell Studio. 
{7} Found thanks to Chic Cham. 


3 Palm Springs House...

I will be returning to the real world tonight, unfortunately...I would really like to just stay here indefinitely.  We've been staying in a 1963 Wexler Harrison home, which is really awesome.  The yard and pool are incredible.  We will definitely be staying here again (until my parent's buy us our own house here, hopefully in a couple of years).  I'll be happy to share the info on renting this house, just email me. 

Returning to the real world also means that it is time for me to officially move! So I will continue to apologize if things are a little light around here...but I will have new home adventures to follow along with soon! 


2 Palm Springs!

I'm here! Relaxing and designing my new space!  I will see you guys next week, relaxed, tanned, and full of inspiration.  As always, follow me on Twitter if you are interested in what I'm up to!

5 The Sofa Search...Is OVER!!!

I did it! Last weekend I bought a sofa! Actually...Brit and I bought two! 

I finally decided that Ikea's Karlstad in Sivik Dark Gray was the one.  After sitting on countless other sofas (including the long time front runner Room and Board Jasper) I decided that this one feels just as comfortable and looks almost as good as much more expensive sofas, at such a reasonable price.  They were delivered yesterday (although I haven't actually gotten to see them in our new apartment yet)...but I'm very excited!


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