0 A Yellow Door?

Does my hypothetical pool house want to have a yellow door?  I think yes.

Check on the rest of this house here.  It's good.

Orrong House from Australian architect Noxon Giffen. Photography by Shannon McGrath. Found thanks to Desire to Inspire and Apartment Diet. 


1 A View from My Bedroom

I slept in this morning, which felt good, and have been hanging out in bed.  Things have been a little slow around here for a while partially because I have been sick for a while (more than two months- ridiculous I know).  After lots of doctors visits and many sluggish days I think I'm getting better. (Nothing serious by the way, we think, just bad allergies that tend to turn into sinus infections/bronchitis too often).  

So, I shot these images with my iphone yesterday and this morning (and posted on Instagram), and I've gotten a lot of questions about where things are from.  I thought I would do a quick credit round up of the things I can remember...

Grey Bedding: Dwell Studio Trellis 
Calendar: Stendig Calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli
Yellow Lamp: Vintage purchased from Morgan of The Brick House (when she had an Esty Shop)
Planter: Campy Planter from Perch! 
It's Ok's (Basswood and Yellow): Multi Polar Projects 
Stapler and Tape Dispenser: Poppin
Colorful Washi Tape: Target
Whale Erasers: Michaels
Prints in White Frames: Carlo Van Der Roer Orbs from 20x200
Cup with Dots: Marimekko Fokus Latte Mug
Yellow Box: Container Store

0 Relation Collection by Hiroomi Tahara

I think this would fit nicely in my hypothetical pool house.

Relation Collection by Hiroomi Tahara

Found thanks to Gregory Han (Typefiend) on Pinterest


0 Marrakech Design Tiles

I think these tiles would be perfect in a pool house or my parent's Mid-Century Modern House.

Marrakech Design Tiles. Found thanks to Hello Tiger on Pinterest. 


1 Nancy Creek Guest House by Philip Babb Architect

I have a strong desire to live in a pool house. This one would do. 

I think this might turn into pool house week.

Nancy Creek Guest House by Philip Babb Architect.
Found thanks to Desire to Inspire.


0 Malibu Beach Home

This home in Malibu feels like it could also be at home in the desert. I love...well everything.  The wood, black, and white, contrasting with the open lightness, and the furnishing...perfection.

Iconic Malibu Beach Home from Inside Out Magazine. 

0 Black, White, Yellow Vintage Chair

Gae Aulenti Locus Solus armchair, by Poltronova, 1963, yellow enameled tubular frame with sling seat in original gray and white striped upholstery....um ok!!

From Treadway Gallery. 


1 Sundown at the Oasis from Rue Magazine

Lovely Inspiration from Rue Magazine.  I'm dreaming of being in the desert right now...Palm Springs anyone?

Photography by Jose Villa. Florals and Tabletops by Kate Holt and Flowerwild Designs


0 Clare Cousins Home

This house is probably the most inspiring that I've seen in a while.  I could move right in.

0 Striped Chairs

Those striped chairs are FANTASTIC.

From Time of the Aquarius.  


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