6 More Great Things from West Elm:

West Elm is seriously getting creative...and I like it.

I promise they don't pay me, but at this rate maybe they should.


Unknown said...

ooh, I LOVE the whale pillow!

Brit said...

oh wow ... so much fantasticness!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh awesome post hon! So adore your blog - I hope mine will one day end up as fabulous as yours :)

Thanks for the twitter @mention!!

Sar xx


Carolina Calzacorta said...

I really love your blog!!
it is like a fantastic inspiration pool!!
the owl bowls are just the cutest thing I´ve seen all week!!

Best wishes!!!


jess@theanatomyofstyle said...

have to agree that west elm is certainly shaking things up

Alison said...


That whale pillow would look amazing in my beach house. Now, I don't have a beach house, but if I bought that pillow a beach house would be the only logical next step...


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