3 Yellow Accents from Emma's Design Blogg

I absolutely love this post that features yellow accents from Emma's Design Blogg...you know yellow doors kill me.


Anonymous said...

Yellow is such a great color, love the photos above! Have a great weekend! xoxo

Elina said...


As you read Emmas Designblog I'm sure you follow Hello Tiger! as well. But just in case I thought I'd might tip you this incredibly pretty kitchen with black, white & gold posted by Tiger in here:


It made me go eek right away. I love the old kitchen cabinets, the retro clock & lamp combined with light wooden floor, sleek chair & white walls. & the black cat is just a cherry on top!

This is my first comment in here. Thank you from a lovely blog! It has been a joy to read almost a year now for me! & an inspiration, too as I scibble my own, too.

Best wishes!
Elina from Finland

Jessica said...

Thank you! I don't read Hello Tiger, but I definitely will now. And that kitchen...WOW.



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