5 The Menu + The CURE!!! Yes, I'm still doing it...sort of...

Alright, I really haven't participated in the Cure much this go round...it just isn't a top priority at this time. But I'm ok with that...many other exciting things are going on right now. But anyway...here is what I did get done today:

New beautiful flower's from the Farmer's Market...I'm not sure what they are called, but I like them...

The Menu continues...the salmon was so good last week, we decided to have it again, with asparagus and dill cucumbers...

and what I'm most proud of...my new Dwell for Target duvet cover is washed and on the bed! Now I just need new curtains... {My copy of the new Apartment Therapy book arrived on Friday...it's on the nightstand waiting for me to have time to read it...}

Also accomplished today:

10, yes ten, loads of laundry

3 loads of dishes {our kitchen was gross...}

took out the trash

vacuumed {including the mattress, which I also flipped}

planned this weeks menu, and went grocery shopping

did half of an alteration on a skirt {I should have finished my kitchen curtain instead...next weekend}

and studied... whew...I'm tired!


Brit said...

i love the flowers! and your doing the best you can and thats all that matters!!! plus your apartment is already the shit!

Unknown said...

The color is so pretty with that placemat/fabric?
what is that? i want it.

It looks like the Ferm wallpaper that i have been lusting after for
my bathroom.

Jessica said...

Thanks! It is actually a Thomas Paul napkin {I have the pillows too}. You can usually find them on ebay.

{The print is strikingly similar to the Ferm Living wallpaper...but I have to tell you I fell in love with that wallpaper from seeing it online and in magazines, so I ordered a sample and I was quite disappointed in its quality. Maybe it was a bad piece, I don't know, but definetly order samples before you place an order...}

Anonymous said...

Jess,your apartment looks wonderful!!! I am so proud of you and everything you do!!!

Kelly said...

i just came across your blog via Creature Comforts and LOVE the color of your bedroom walls. do you by chance know the name and brand of paint?


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