2 Reusable Birthday Pennant Banner

Last week was my good friend Kelli's Birthday, so I decided to make her a reusable birthday pennant banner to hang in her office. It was really a fun and easy project that I would totally recommend...

Step 1: Make a template for you pennants from paper.

Step 2: Cut the felt. The rotary cutter turned out to be the fastest way to do this. I used four colors and made 8 of each color, but you can adjust this depending on the length you want your banner to be.

Step 3: Hot glue the side of the triangles together. Be sure to leave about an inch open at the fold so that step 4 is possible.

Step 4: Thread the pennants onto cotton rope. I taped a chopstick to the end of the rope to make the threading easier.

Step 5: Use a dab of hot glue to fix the pennants to the rope so they don't slip.

Step 6: Hang...and enjoy!


Jessica said...

I like that idea! I'm glad you liked my surprise!

Jessica O'Brien said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm like, jumping out of my skin ready to make one of these! So cute!!!


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