0 Project Runway {4}

So this week's challenge was to modernize outdated styles {such as overalls, bell bottoms, shoulder pads, neon, cutouts, and poodle skirts}. They worked in teams to create mini collections {read: slight drama ensued}. Some designers, including my favorite Rami, were able to pull off some decent collections.

The winners were Rami, Jillian, and Kevin who updated overalls, poodle skirts, and 70's flare. The collection was cohesive and wearable. Let's compare to Victorya's color blocked harlequin inspired outfit only fit for a figure skater {She lost some credit in my book this week}

The second place group {Group Star} included Christian, Jack, and Kit who modernized pleather, zoot suit, and fringe. They also managed a cohesive collection, but their outdated trends were less obvious. Despite her teammate Chris getting the auf wiedersehen this week with his gross shoulder pad jacket, Sweet P created a much improved design this week: a fun camel sweater dress with a black turtle neck sheath.

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