2 Rose Bowl Flea Market

We went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend...it was hot and busy but there were lots of fun finds...and we came home with a few! The vintage science kit kind of blew my mind.  That awesome box is filled with vintage sciency-things...so you know I bought it.  Also got some great vintage black card catalogue drawers, which fit perfectly into an Expedit (photos to come). Brit got a great vintage Sunset magazine all about family camping, it has great diagrams and photos.  I really wanted that vintage black lamp to match my yellow one and that triangle cage thing...but I refrained.


jill said...

One day...ONE DAY I will go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Great finds! I've had and sold one of those Science Kits before...and some of those Danger signs too. You are right, the Science Kit box is an amazing find (and mine didn't even have anything in it)!

Jessica said...

Jill, I feel like you would love it!!


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