2 Living Room Inspiration...

This is a great space.  The more I see two sofas across from each other in living rooms, the more I'm convinced that is exactly what I want. Of course, I can't even decide on (or afford) one that I really like much less two.  But perhaps one day.

I also love the idea of low storage along one wall.  Admittedly I would put a tv on it too, although I love the focus on that large piece of art...hmm.

From Hus & Hem. Found thanks to House Of Turquoise.


lilly said...

beautiful room
is the first room that you put up without the colors white, yellow and black
i like

Two Pitties in the City said...

I've been a lurker who needs to comment. My husband came up with the idea of 2 sofas facing eachother in our house, and it really makes sense for so many reasons. It's like an intimate space within the room and it even partitions space behind the back of the couch to have a separate area. Since we have 2 big dogs in a small space, and we don't like to feel like we're living in an aisle of Petsmart,the space was perfect for our dog's tepee and toy bin. I was a Craiglist stalker and we found great sofas (one a 6-month old Petrie) just because I would check the listings so often. You can see our couch set-up, complete with dog prop "styling", here: http://pittiesincity.blogspot.com/2010/11/schwang-manor-creating-dog-bedroom.html


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