5 A Caftan!?

Look what Kristina found: Temperley London's Domitia Two-Tone Caftan.  I mean everyone needs a caftan...right!? This has to be the one for me.  Does it perhaps remind you of my favorite inspiration image? {Yes, I found another reason to post this image...thanks Kristina!}


Brie at PutOnYourApron said...

So, this reminds me of one of my Black Friday buys, a white tunic with black embroidery...which made me think of you! I'm not sure if I should keep or return though. Here's the photo:



Jessica said...

Oh...I LOVE it!!!

JennyJenJen said...

stunningly brilliant!

Brie at PutOnYourApron said...

Yay! I was wondering if it was one of those situations where I like the embroidery more than the actual garment...but now I feel more confident about it. Thanks!


I like Her Style said...

Oh wow this would totall convince me to get one and wear it!!! The only problem is I am so short I would have to compensate with some high heels!!! This is a super great picture.



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