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I love the article Object Lessons in Domino this month. Basically it is stylist Lili Diallo's explanation of how to decorate so a space looks composed and not haphazard. This is particularly timely given the start of the cure this week.

The Lessons:

1. Weave things in with books. {She used multicolored books with monochromatic objects on wooden shelves in her example.}

2. Start with strong, neutral bones. {All major furniture and the walls in the example are white.}

3. Then layer in color. {Warmth is added through bold colors, any color since the palette was neutral.}

4. Juxtapose old and new materials. {I love this principle, I think it is essential so a space doesn't look cold or dated or like you are trying to hard.}

5. Embrace or camouflage fixed elements. {She used a bookcase to divide the kitchen and bathroom, a simple and elegant solution to fix a big problem.}

6. Adhere to similar shapes and lines when era hopping. {example: straight lines throughout pieces from several eras makes the room look cohesive.}

7. Have faith in happy accidents. {If you love something, keep it/buy it, and make it work in the space.}

8. Trust your internal logic. {enough said.}

Rules and Images: Domino March 08

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