2 Apartment Therapy Cure Spring 08 {To-Do List}

Ok, here is my goal list and floor plan for the Spring Cure...

Living Room
- A new coffee table...luckily this Cure extends through Bonus Check season, so this might actually be a possibility this time
- A rug to go under said coffee table
- A new couch cover...I'm thinking about making this myself...or maybe a new couch??
{this is unlikely due to budget constraints, but one day} I have a temporary cover over the original cover- they both need to go...

- Address the DVD storage issue...its bad when th bf actually asks me to go by something... {it doesn't look so bad in the picture, but the DVD's are stacked three rows deep right now and there are more hidden behind the TV}
-Deal with the awkward wall next to the TV where the return air and thermostat are located.
-Paint!?? I would love to paint some accent walls/areas...but I do rent...not that that stopped me from painting the bedroom...

Desk Area
-Create display area behind computer...fabric covered cork? or maybe homosote a la Shiso Mama?
-Freshen the objects on the shelves above the computer


Bathroom-Light Switch Project...I already have the supplies for this project..its an hour long project...


-New Duvet {check}
-New curtains now that the ones from the Fall Cure don't match my new Dwell bedding...{Honestly, as excited as I was about them during the Fall Cure, they just aren't working somehow...I might try to repurpose them as the couch cover?}

Play Room
-Hem curtains that I put up during the Play Room Cure {I've decided I like them.}

-Storage via shelving...the current shelves and our extra sheets, blankets, and towels are in a big pile in the floor... we had a little mishap...

-Get a new vacuum cleaner...as of Sunday ours is officially dead. {My birthday is in two weeks, if any family members are reading this, all I want is a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!!!}


Anne At Large said...

If you can't repurpose those curtains as a couch cover, would you consider cutting them down and making curtains for that kitchen window? I really like them and that seems like a place that could use a bit of added color and zing since the bones aren't going to change.

Jessica said...

Anne, that isn't a bad idea. I would like to keep them in tact as much as possible, but that could totally work.

{It is really an Area Duvet Cover that I fashioned into a curtain, so I didnt' actually cut it, I just took out the seams.}


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